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Heavy babies = neck/back pain

Is anyone else experiencing this? Maybe it's because I'm old, but lifting and lugging 20lbs all day every day is taking a toll on my back. I know you should lift with your knees, but seems impossible when lifting baby over the crib rails. 

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Re: Heavy babies = neck/back pain

  • I don't think Liam is 20 pounds yet, but I was definitely have back pain when I was still lugging the infant carrier around. I do see a chiropractor at least once a month and that helps keep my back properly adjusted.
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  • Excellent point. My back has been awful and I blame it on the mattress, but maybe it's my line-backer of a baby...
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    Calvin is closing on thirty. I get some off and on (mostly in my shoulder) but not too bad. I baby wear a lot, even for quick trips to and from the car, and I think that helps.
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  • I strained my neck three weeks ago and I'm still in pain, I think it's because I'm constantly carrying my 23lb baby! I'm off to the doctor this week about it.
  • DS is almost 30, and I tore my rotator cuff taking him out of the car. Damn kids.
  • I have neck pain more so than back pain. He's been able to follow me around the past month or so which makes it a bit easier but now he wants to bedshare all the time which kills my neck and back. 

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  • My back has been terrible since I gave birth. I try not to carry/babywear as much when it is flaring up. She is around 25 lbs now
  • I have horrible pain in my left shoulder. That's the side I usually have her on when I'm holding her. I've been rotating heat and ice all day today.
  • Shoulder pain and injuries are the worst.  They have such a wide range of motion, the littlest movement can irritate it.  I bought these wraps for my carpal tunnel and had the cold back wrap. They make them for shoulder as well and may provide relief.
  • I have chronic back problems, but they are definitely worse now that dd is over 22 lbs. it was the same with ds. This year will be rough on the back, but once they are older you don't carry them around as much and it gets better.
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  • I've experienced this too with my son. Of course, more weight puts more strain on your back, which results to back, shoulder, and neck pain. But I believe choosing a supportive baby carrier is crucial. Some people swear by an Ergo while others prefer a LilleBaby Carrier.

    For my next child, will definitely consider either of the two.
    Found  some great suggestions here;https://backcoretherapy.com/best-baby-carrier-back-support/

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