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  • That picture kind of freaks me out:/

    SurpriseAt39[Deleted User]
  • 1. I fell asleep putting lo to bed so I never did drink any wine on my bday. Must be old age.

    2. I hope I am happily surprised when I get my card from my dad also I hope it's not lost since it didn't come yesterday

    3. I have 25 free shuttderlfy cards expire at the end of the month and since they were tok small options for invites I am going to use them and do Valentine's cards

    Why not? They're free lol.

    4. LO climbs out of the Walker so I officially can only shower when she naps
  • That picture kind of freaks me out:/

    I know, right?

  • 1. I want cake.

    2. I'm hungry , but nothing sounds good to me I really hate this pregnancy symptom.

    3. As usually I'm stoked for PLL tonight !

    4. I'm totally stressing about DDs bday party. I know she's only 1 but I just want everything to be perfect!

    5.Everything/one is on my nerves today.



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    kare_bear_12[Deleted User]
  • 1. I'm tired
    2. The house stinks of my FILs awful cologne.
    3. Thank goodness FIL has left from his weekend visit.
    4. When LO wakes up from her nap I'm going to babies r us to get her this ride on thing for her birthday.


  • jsmath said:

    DH and I have both been puking since 11pm.
    E went to daycare so we could sleep it off.
    The struggle is real.

    Feel better!!!

    [Deleted User]
  • 1. I've got gas. (That was hours ago, many many hours)
    2. LO was up 2 hours earlier than normal but DS1 is still sleeping. (This was an 8am thought)
    3. I need to go to the grocery store today but so far I'm not motivated. (I made it...yay)
    4. I'm cold. Like cold to the core of my being. I need a hot bath to get the chill out.
    5. Lamb stew is on the stove. I can't wait to try it.
    6. If it's awful, at least we have pizza left over from last night. ;)
    7. I have stuff to do but LO is napping on me at the moment.
    8. I need to catch up on sleep. Teething sucks.
    9. I need to go to the bank. Maybe tomorrow while DH is home that could happen?
    10. I need to find Childcare ASAP.

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