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  • 1. As of last thursday we are done BFing! LO took it so well and honestly hasn't even really "asked" to nurse. I was mostly worried about how nap and bedtime would go since that is when she nursed but she was such a champ about it. Now we need to work on not having to rock her for so long before nap/bedtime.

    2. I'm not feeling much pain from engorgement (probably since LO only nursed 2x a day) but one side is significantly more engorged then the other and just a little uncomfortable. It's no fun having lopsided boobs, I wonder how long this will last...

    3. I was also graced with the presence of my period yesterday, a few days earlier then expected, and am wondering if its from stopping BFing or just a coincidence.

    4. DH and I went on a date on saturday to dinner and a movie. It was sooo nice since its been about 4 months or so since we've had a babysitter.

    5. We have a wind chill of -20 today and I need to bring the dog to his grooming appointment and need to get cat food. This stinks because the groomer doesn't sell cat food, boo. I'd rather just stay inside today, rather then run errands with LO.

    6. It's so nice to see all the new discussions on our board, it feels alive again. Great job ladies!

    7. DH and I have been butting heads a lot lately when it comes to what's best for LO. It's nothing too serious and I think it partially stems from the awful winter weather which effects both of our moods significantly. Just need to make it through 2 more months...

    8. Since LO refuses WCM, LO's doctor recommended we cut her off from all other liquids (which at this point is only water) for a day or two at the most and he insists that she will eventually just drink the WCM if thats the only thing she's offered. I'm not sure what to think of this recommendation...part of me thinks we need a different doctor. Has anyone else been given a recommendation like this?

    9. I'm so excited to get a package delivered today (hopefully). It's only some new pajamas from H&M (they have 2 piece pjs on sale for $7!) but it's something to look forward to on this bitterly cold day!

    10. The eating discussion from yesterday really made me think that LO's eating habits seem to be quite normal for this age group. I've been worried about it for a while and really needed that discussion!
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  • 1. I love this board... that's all! It makes me happy to see all of the new discussions and I love that we've got a great group of ladies who have stuck around this long. NEVER LEAVE ME.
    2. We are leaving DD for 4 whole days this week. She is staying with my mom for the weekend and MIL during the weekdays. 

    3. I'm a bit nervous because MIL has never had her overnight before. I trust her and everything, it's just DD I'm worried about! I'm currently writing out a list of her daily routines and feel like a crazy overprotective mama because I keep adding things.  

    4. As sad as I am about leaving her, I'm super excited to spend the weekend in San Francisco and wear a spring jacket instead of my giant parka.  

    5. At the gym last week some lady muttered a comment about how I'm selfish to be pregnant and working out still. I bit my tongue, but it's still really bothering me. This is beneficial to both me and my baby. Sorry I'm not just sitting on my couch getting as fat as I possibly can for 9 months.   

    6. DD has been sleeping until 8:30-9 am lately. It's amazing, except on the few days that we have places to be early. 

    7. I'll be 20 weeks pregnant on Friday! This time around is going way too fast.

    8. I need to clean my house and get rid of a ton of junk.  

    9. My mom's boyfriend's 18 year old had a baby boy last week. She's single, unemployed, and living with her mom and I can't imagine being in that position. She seems to be doing great as a new mom though, and her baby is adorable... I got to take his newborn photos on Sunday!  

    10. I've been pushing my photography business a little more the past few weeks so that I can fund my nursery decor. Lol.   

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  • 1. I need some alone mommy time so bad. I haven't been without DD in at least 6 months.

    2. We are selling our car tomorrow and I am beyond excited. I can't wait to buy a new one.

    3. I think I have a UTI and I can't get into my doctor's office until next month! I have been downing cranberry juice and taking relief pills and it's not helping.

    4. I feel it in one kidney I think. And did I mention I have to wait a month for my freaking doctor? They don't care.

    5. I can't wait to move. And start working.

    6. Maybe having a job will force me to do my hair and makeup.

    7. I honestly feel bad for DH because I am seriously always in sweat shorts and a hoody.

    8. My birthday is coming up and I am making myself a superrrr awesome cake.

    9. I've been binge watching Gilmore Girls the last few days. It reminds me of being a teenager:)

    10. Did I mention that I can't wait to move and start working? I'm extremely bored with my life in this town.
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  • @wowcheezits‌ I have not tried either of those. Since I just stopped BFing I'm just now trying to get serious about her drinking WCM (although I've been introducing it frequently since 1 year old). Actually, to my surprise, this morning I mixed in about 4 tablespoons WCM into her full sippy of water and she has drank maybe 1 oz of that mixture which I am happy about, it's a huge improvement believe it or not. I'm going to try slowly adding more and more WCM into the sippy in hopes she'll take to it. I refuse to not give her liquids for that amount of time even with doctors recommendation, its just not acceptable in my opinion. I will certainly keep the pediasure and toddler formula in mind in case this new progress with WCM doesn't amount to anything. Thank you for the recommendation!
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  • @PumpkinMommaaa‌ 6 months is a long time to not have some alone time! And a month for the doctor? That's absolutely crazy when you have a medical issue like that! Can they put you on a list in case of a last minute cancellation?
  • @jnetx‌ Yes to both of your questions. The doctor certainly caught me off guard when he recommended that, I was prepared for him to say its not crucial if she's eating those other things or even suggest alternatives like @wowcheezits‌ mentioned. Thank you for the support!
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  • 1. I've been back to work long term subbing as an ESL Elementary teacher and it keeps me super busy on top of the mommy gig after hours :). Sorry I haven't been on as much ladies, I'm trying to be more active.

    2. My H is working out of town this week and the next 2 (he'll be home on the weekends) and dear Lord is it exhausting. Early wake up, getting us both ready, dropping off at daycare by 6:45 and then picking up by 3:30, play play play, dinner, work out, bath, bed, I am beyond pooped. I hope these 3 weeks go by fast.

    3. We went to Germany over the Christmas holidays to see my brother and sister in law who just moved there. It was an amazing experience, aside from some annoyances from MIL, LO catching croup, everyone else getting sick, and sleeping on a futon! 

    4. Visiting Germany and France, totally makes me want to live abroad for awhile if the opportunity ever presented itself.

    5. We keep toying with the idea of moving to Florida in the meantime because we both freaking hate the cold.

    6. I'VE MISSED YOU LADIES! With the busy schedule I stalked/read things often as I could. I'm going to try to find time as much as I can to respond.

    7. Tuesday night TV is my favorite. I love the New Girl, Mindy Project, and Marry Me. Some of my favorites. I can't wait for the Blacklist to start back up after the Super Bowl. I am DYING for the next season of How to Get Away With Murder and Homeland. I'm sure it will be forever before they're back on.

    8. Visiting France gave me a chance to practice my 4 1/2 years of HS French. It makes me want to learn the language again!

    9. We got a beautiful, handmade nativity scene for under our Christmas tree when visiting one the Christmas markets in Germany. I can't wait till next  year to put it under our tree.

    10. I love that you can drink in public in Germany. Warm gluwhein (warm mulled wine) while walking around those Christmas markets were awesome!

    BFP: 1/17/13 EDD: 9/20/13 Dalenna Rose Born: 40 wks 4 days 9/24/13
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    FTM to my sweetpea Miss D.

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  • @fiveohfive‌ I'm so glad to hear your DD is home and on the road to 100%! Prayers to you and your family that things continue on positively!
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  • @fiveohfive So glad to hear that DD is home.... and I love the name Zoe!

    @PumpkinMommaaa I hope you can get some solo time soon! I sneak off to Walmart or the grocery store after DD is in bed when DH is home just for a little break.  Doesn't sound so thrilling, but I drive faster and turn up the radio really loud and sing along to all of the songs that I don't like to play in front of DD. Haha. 

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  • @fiveohfive‌ so glad your DD is doing so well! And I agree Zoe, no y never thought of the Joe thing until you posted it.

    @PumpkinMommaaa‌ how are thing with your DH? They seem to sound better from your posts but I still what to check.

    1) I found a new place to work. It's a spa, has everything from hair and nails to permanent cosmetics to teeth whitening!

    2) I'm actually getting excited about it. I think I'll learn a lot there.

    3)DD has decided she doesn't want cherrios for breakfast. She wants rice chex like mommy.

    4) DD has slimmed down so much lately. I don't like it, I want my chunky baby back!

    5) I have to watch my nieces today. My house is going to be crazy very soon.

    6) I did new hair color yesterday. We tried a new technique. It still needs a few tweaks..... learning something new is a process.

    7) I'm not all that nervous about changing work places. I figured I would be.

    8) DD is playing with baby dolls now. It's do cute.

    9) I'm going to be flying with DD in a few weeks... I've only flown once. I have no clue about flying with her.

    10) I've also been watching Gilmore Girls. Santa brought me season 7 in my stocking. ;)
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  • @jlp0528‌ I teach ESL elementary, too. How do you like?

    1. Monday and today we had a 2 hour delay because the forecast was for "potential" wintry weather. The delay was great but it is the end of the marking period and I have assessments to complete.

    2. DS like Taylor Swift. He starts dancing when he hears "shake it off" or "blank space"

    3. DH and DS love watching Thomas The Train.

    4. Three day weekend! A teacher work day on Tuesday. Next week will be a short week.

    5. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. I forgot to mail a card. We can't do face time since I don't have an iPhone.

    6. A glass of wine would be great right now. No wine in the house.

    7. I do love snow days!

    8. I wish DS would sleep through the night. 

    9. I don't like grading papers. I should be doing that now.

    10. Tomorrow is trash day. DS likes watching the trash and recycling trucks.

  • @ajaan113‌ I love teaching and watching the kids I work with grow, as cheesy as that sounds. I miss regular Ed but jobs are next to none where I live so I stick to what I can get. I just love teaching ;;) and I could also go for some wine!

    @fiveohfive‌ so glad to hear you are all and hoping for a fast few weeks till shes back to herself fully! And praise the Lord it came back clear!

    BFP: 1/17/13 EDD: 9/20/13 Dalenna Rose Born: 40 wks 4 days 9/24/13
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    FTM to my sweetpea Miss D.

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