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Do You Feel Guilty When Sending LO to School on Your Days Off?

MLK day is slowly approaching and I must admit, I'm excited to send DS to school and take the entire day to do nothing. Well...not nothing- get a manicure, take a nap, watch back to back episodes of SATC. Ahhh. am I horrible?
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Re: Do You Feel Guilty When Sending LO to School on Your Days Off?

  • Nope, not horrible.  You need time for yourself too.  I think it makes us better parents when we get some time to recharge.  :)
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  • Nope!  DS goes to after care at school and yesterday I went home after work to get a workout in then decided to watch an episode of Parenthood before picking him up.  When I got there he asked why I was so late (about 30 minutes later than usual) to which I replied, "I had to get some work finished up before I could come get you!"
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  • Lol- no.



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  • We feel guilty keeping him home. He's so social and it's the only time he sees other kids.
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    Hell no!  I have MLKJ day off as well and you bet she is going to daycare!  Besides, all these days on/days off during the holidays wrecked havoc on her schedule, so use the excuse that you need to keep him on his schedule, if you really need it.
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  • Never feel guilty about doing that.  My daycare is closed on all the same days that my work is but I'll take a day off occaisionally and send her to daycare so that I can have some me time.  I very rarely get time alone at home so those days are my favorite.  Plus DD is going to have way more fun at daycare then she will at home with me.
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  • No, I need a break every now and then. Our daycare closes for every holiday plus the full two weeks at Christmas so we seldom just get free days where I'm off but daycare is open. I have to manufacture them!
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  • Don't feel guilty!! Mama needs a break! He'll be fine, he won't be any the wiser and YOU will feel more relaxed and happy. 
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  • Not at all. We put DS in daycare a few days over the holiday break. Some days, we got things done around the house. We took a day and went to lunch. We are going to have a date day on MLK as well. Our thought is thy we have two date nights a year. We do day dates when we can.
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