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QOTD 1/13

Let's say you don't have to work today, LO is taken care of, and your house is perfectly clean. What would you do with your day?

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Re: QOTD 1/13

  • I think I'd go sit at a local cafe that I love and have a coffee and a scone. Then I'd use one of the mani/pedi gift cards I haven't gotten to. I'd love to go get some new jeans. I might just save the afternoon for sitting on the couch watching Ellen and browsing the web.

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  • Take a nap, watch some of my Mentalist DVDs and I agree going to a cafe for a coffee and dessert sounds amazing

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  • That's a good question! I would take my dog out for a walk or run, head to the library and read some trashy magazines while drinking a hot cup of coffee, get my haircut, take my sweet time rummaging through the local thrift store and craft stores for a new project, and then come home to start and hopefully finish my new project with a glass of wine of course!

    When I get free time to myself its so hard for me to decide what to do, so this was a hard question and really got me thinking!
  •  I'd probably go get a much needed haircut, grab a cup of coffee and since we are playing pretend I'll just assume that it's not freezing cold outside and go for a nice long walk before my prenatal massage.

    That sounds nice.... who wants to babysit?! 

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  • @sweetc129‌
    Absolutely no calories. If we're playing make believe we might as well make it good

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  • We have all the monies too right?

    Shopping and lunch.... anywhere I can take my time :-)
  • I would get my hair cut and coloured, treat myself to lunch then probably sit on my butt for the rest of the day watching greys anatomy and eating 2 bite brownies!
  • Sleep in, get my nails done, meet DH for lunch (if there are no calories there are also no food allergies, right?) pasta carbonara with fresh bread and butter, ice cream and chocolate for dessert. Go to a movie then home for a bath and wine.
  • Start the day at a cafe to have a cup of coffee with a muffin. Head into the city to a museum or see a matinee show at the theatre. Whatever play or musical would be great. Happy hour at Rosa Mexicana for their guacamole and a margarita.
  • Nothing. I would make no plans and beat to the drum of whatever I felt in the mood to do. Probably would include coffee, shopping, napping, pedicure/manicure of some sort and eating all the favorite foods without having to share.

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    FTM to my sweetpea Miss D.

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  • Talk one if my friends into a day off and go shopping. I could use a wardrobe update and just spend time browsing. Ever since DD I don't browse it's always in and out on a mission. Then drinks at a cute little bar/restaurant that doesn't even have high chairs in the building! This was my occasional weekend pre-baby!
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    Omg so many options! Sorry I'm late to this.

    1. A whole day at the spa.
    2. A day of laying on my couch watching lifetime movies while drowning in wine, cheese and chocolate.
    3. Shop till my card burns a hole in my wallet.
    4. Go do touristy stuff and explore something/somewhere new.
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