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  • @Bookshelves‌

    I'm just seeing a pm you sent me in November.

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  • finally caught up! its been a heck of a day between work, LO and the bf both being sick. ugh

    hugs to @katybriggs @dex @avswolf sending good vibes and thoughts along your ways for your reasons <3

    @paulhealth I'm sending labor inducing thoughts your way!

    this whole TOS thing is ridiculous.LOL @codypup for mother russia. and i can't remember who's aid President Snow but i almost spit out my water bc i laughed so hard!

    I'm freaking out because i only have instagrams for a lot of you ladies and I'm scared f14 is going to spontaneously combust. i hope not. but if it does, don't forget about me :-c


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  • oh!!! i POAS sunday and it was negative. i was both relieved and sad. 

     so I'm having a glass of wine, yet i'm scared bc my period still hasn't gotten here and I'm like what if it was too early to tell even though I'm like a week late. 
    UGH! nursing has totally thrown off AF and its freaking me out. 


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  • I'm so confused...what is a pro board??
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  • When is it a, "go to the pedi cough?"

    Just about when you start questioning it.

    Usually that's if it lingers for a few days and starts to impact sleep or behavior in more than a minor way for me.

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