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Neckfolds red

hi guys! My baby is three months and one week old. On the right side of her neck in between the folds is very red. Any recommendations On how to treat it?

Re: Neckfolds red

  • Wash it with baby wash and then put aquafor or Vaseline on it to soothe it. Make sure you wipe under there after every feeding as babies are little magicians who magically get milk under there without anyone seeing.

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  • My DS gets the same thing. I just use a baby wipe on the area at every diaper change and dry immediately after. I wash that area even on non bath days, too. I also make sure to be diligent about wiping drool and change his onesie if the collar gets too damp. That clears the redness up for us. Nice to meet you, BTW.
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  • This. Is. The. Worst. Ever. I feel your pain!
    Like PP said just try to keep it clean and dry.
  • I wash it really well each bath day and then every morning I gently wipe it out with a warm wet washcloth and put on some baby lotion.
  • Too easy to miss stuff in their tubby little folds!
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  • I bought cetaphil face wipes at the rec of my pedi. Little lady always gets cheese neck.
  • We had a similar problem... We cleaned the area with a warm washcloth and used aveeno rash cream, I was told it stings the least. Since it cleared up, we make sure to wash his face, hands and neck with a warm cloth every night before bed and everyday around his noon nap.
  • We had the same issue pedi recommended caldesene powder it's in a pink bottle worked like a charm
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