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    Welcome. Sorry you have to be here, but I hope your stay is short. I've done both clomid and progesterone suppositories. I didn't have many side effects on clomid, but I didn't respond well to it. As for the suppositories, invest in pantiliners and lots of them!

    IF is a roller coaster of emotions. There are good days filled with hope, and there are many sad, stressful days as well. I found the highs and lows were more intense my first two medicated cycles. I was so sure clomid would work on the first try that it was really hard to take when it failed. Sometimes you just need a good ugly cry and lots of wine before you can move on. Good luck to you.
    Me & DH: Both 30 / Married 3 years / TTC since 10/2013
    Dx: Annovulatory
    8/2014: Clomid (50 & 100) + TI = BFN
    10/2014: Clomid (100 & 150) + TI = BFN
    12/2014: Follistim/Ovidrel/Endometrin + TI = BFN
    1/2015: Follistim/Ovidrel/Endometrin + IUI
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    No advice as I haven't done either of the meds you mentioned. But wanted to say welcome and hope your stay is short and sweet!
    Married: 12/15/2012    TTC: 08/2014
    Husband: 26 SA: normal
    Me: 23 Low AMH and damaged ovaries due to chemotherapy.
    No AF or O in 3 years. HSG showed a slight T shaped uterus.

    High Risk OB 9/29- got the ok to get pregnant.
    RE Appt:  10/28/ U/S showed follicles, but also small damaged ovaries.
    B/W results CD0: all normal except low AMH at 1.3
    Cycle 1-November (TI)- Femera 2.5mg, 2mg Estradoil, and Trigger=BFN
    Cycle 2-December (TI)- Femera 2.5 mg ,4mg Estradoil, and Trigger= No O
    Cycle 3-January (TI)- Femera 5 mg, 2mg Estra
    doil, and Trigger=

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    Sorry that you find yourself here, but welcome. I don't have advice on starting clomid/progesterone as I've never taken that. IF sucks and can be very hard at times. I've found it so helpful to come here and learn as much as I can. This is a great place for support and to ask questions when you have them. :) Good luck on your journey.

    Ketchup asked you some good questions and I hope that you are seeing an RE. 

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    Hi there. First things first. Are you working with an OBGYN or an RE? Also, have you had an HSG and has your H had an SA and what were those results?
    Hi, working with an OBGYN. Have not had an HSG, just multiple ultra sounds and a saline infusion ultra sound. Yes, my husband had an SA, he is good to go. 
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    Hi. No advice sing I haven't been on those meds, just wanted to say welcome and I hope your stay here is short.
    Me: 40  
    TTC #1: 3 years
    Me: Type II Diabetic
    Started with RE 11/2014
    Going through IUI with Donor Sperm

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    I agree with PP that mentioned changing to an RE. It's really important to be monitored properly while on fertility medication and I've never heard of an OB's office doing this (proper monitoring includes multiple ultrasounds during your cycle to monitor your response). Clomid can cause some serious issues if not properly monitored. 

    As far as IF goes and staying positive, it's really hard. For me the best thing is to try and take it one cycle at a time. If I think too far ahead to what could happen or "what if this doesn't work", I start to freak myself out and get some serious IF blues. So my advice is to take things one step at a time and take successes where they come. Also, try to keep yourself busy with things. I'm currently working on several different projects (painting, making a wreath, reading a book, and binging a show on netflix). I think the biggest thing is to keep open communication between you and your H. That's something we've been struggling with recently and are working hard at. 
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    I agree with the PP on switching to a RE, I am using the progesterone suppositories now. Boy shorts and panty liners are your friends! Also try to cut back on liquids a couple of hours before bed to cut down on any night time trips to the loo! Best of luck to you!
    **Losses Mentioned**
    Me 41, DH 38 
    TTC #1 since 9/2014 AMH 3.68, FSH 6.6
    IUI#1 12-02-2015 Letrozol, Gonal-F, Pregnyl, Acupuncture, BFP 12-17-2015 beta 1=72, beta 2=64, beta 3=10 MC 12-20-14 
    IUI#2 01-08-2015 Letrozol, Gonal-F, Pregnyl, Acupuncture, BFP 01-23-2015 beta 1=151, beta 2=450, beta 3=6524, beta 4= 29380 u/s at 7w5d baby with heartbeat measuring 6w2d. u/s 2-24 gestational sac only, beta 59400 MC 2-24-15 @ 8w6d D&C 2-27-15. Pathology results 47XX +20

    Diagnosis AMA and compound heterozygous MTHFR
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    Welcome! I'm so sorry you are having to go through IF, it's no fun. So far for me it's been a roller coaster of emotions...I try to be easy on myself when I'm feeling crummy about it, and then try to build up some fortitude when I'm feeling a little better. :) 

    Since you have had multiple ultrasounds, it sounds like your OB may be monitoring (hopefully enough). But I would still seriously recommend an RE. Our hormones are a delicate, interwoven and balanced dance. I would not trust the OB to best treat the thickened lining. She had her chance...I would get a consult with an RE right away. Honestly, it's frustrating because the fact that an OB wants to treat IF instead of suggesting or referring a consult with an RE just says that they are not interesting in giving you the best treatment and chances.
    January 3T Siggy Challenge - New Year's Resolutions

    Me (29), DH (30) TTC actively 54 55+ cycles | All BFNs
    MFI (low everything) | Endo Stage 1 & Stenotic Cervix (treated) | PCO
    Married - July 2008 | Started TTC - Jan 2009RE Visit #1 - Mar 2014 
    IUI #1 ICI #1 - June | IUI #1.1 Laparoscopy - Aug
    IUIs #1.2, 2, 3 - Sept, Oct, Nov (Letrozole) - BFNs 
    IUI #4 - Dec (Bravelle) | IUI #5 - Dec/Jan (Bravelle) - 5 follies + TI - BFNs
    IUI #5.1 - Jan (Bravelle) Cancelled 
    Planning to start IVF in March!
    ***All Welcome***
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    I'm very sorry you find yourself here, but welcome.  Please consider taking PPs advice, especially listening to the oh so wise Ketchip regarding getting to an RE for proper monitoring.  Good luck!
    Me: 31 (PCOS) possible right tube issues DH: 36 (SA normal) 
    Started dating in 2006, Married 2012 
    TTC since November 2013 
    First RE visit due to irregular periods: June 2014
    Lap/Hysto to remove polyps, cyst and tube blockage 11/6
    Cycle 1 (Dec. 2014) TI with Clomid, Trigger, & Progesterone CX due to no response
    Impatiently Waiting CD1 to try again with Fermara Back on the bench due to giant cyst,
    who know I'd ovulate on my own after a cancelled cycle and end up with a mega cyst :(
    All Welcome
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    Hi there. First things first. Are you working with an OBGYN or an RE? Also, have you had an HSG and has your H had an SA and what were those results?

    Hi, working with an OBGYN. Have not had an HSG, just multiple ultra sounds and a saline infusion ultra sound. Yes, my husband had an SA, he is good to go. 

    Please don't start the Clomid tomorrow. Please please please. Look, I totally understand wanting to a) trust your doctor over the interwebz and b) the impatience that comes with infertility. I really do. But take it from someone who was given the advice to skip out on the OBGYN and get to an RE, but chose to just take it anyway while I waited because.. pssh, what the hell could Clomid do after just ONE cycle unmonitored. Here's what happened: I wound up in the hospital with a ruptured cyst only to later discover that I have two uteri, making the idea of HOM life threatening to me and the viability of any pregnancy. First go round. OBGYN thought I was overreacting when I brought up monitoring. I trusted him. I rode the bench for a loooong time following that little stunt and I am finally, 7 months later, able to cycle like.. for realz. 

    If you've had a saline sono and your tubes were clear, cool. If your H's numbers are good, awesome. This doesn't eliminate the necessity of monitoring. You don't want to be the next Jon and Kate + 8. Andplusalso, monitoring is the only way to ensure that you are actually responding to the meds. Since Clomid has a max 6 cycle use in a LIFETIME, why waste one of those cycles with Dr. Dipshit anyone other than a medical professional who specializes in knocking you up? Aside from the risk of HOM, you need a baseline to ensure you don't have cysts. I didn't think I did either until bahahaha I started feeding whatever was going on in there 100mg Clomid without monitoring (which is absurd to just blindly start someone on, to begin with). I was lucky to walk away with both ovaries, a ticket to ride the bench for months on end and only a slight slap on the wrist from the same people I refused to listen to. HOM aside, you don't want to go feeding fertility meds to ovarian cysts.. ones that can pop up likeBAM all of the sudden..out of no where. They don't call, text, or anything. They just show the fuck up. You feed them fertility meds? They grow. When they grow, they can rupture. When they rupture, they do mean mean things to you hurt like hell, if you're lucky, and could possibly result in the loss of an ovary. Did we talk about the reason that Clomid is maxed at 6 cycles in a lifetime because of permanent thinning of the uterine lining that cannot be reversed and can result in making implantation in the future impossible? Oh, I see we did not. Well, there is that, too. Good news is - Clomid is a great fertility medication that has successfully helped women get KU. But the only way to eliminate the risks I've mentioned is using Clomid in conjunction with proper monitoring.

    Proper monitoring includes CD3 b/w and u/s, mid-cycle u/s and b/w in addition to an u/s and b/w to confirm O. Then you rinse, lather and repeat. OBGYNs (at least 99%) do not do this. They simply don't have the man power and time to accommodate the frequency that these treatments require in order to be done correctly. Keeping you KU is their specialty, not getting you there. In the mean time, you are taking a huge risk that could bite you in the ass in ways that you don't even want to imagine. Please trust me. You're a big girl and it's your reproductive health you are risking if you go through with taking the script in the AM. I just hope, for your sake, you don't repeat the same mistake I made and jump the gun. I know I am nothing more than an internet stranger who appears to clearly loves Heinz, but I promise you - I've BTDT and it so not worth it in the long run. 

    Edited: Clarity

    We are doing monitoring with this. I go in again, mid cycle, after I've taken the Clomid. On the saline infusion us, they could tell there wasn't a blockage because they could see the saline go through. I never said I wasn't being monitored on this, no need to jump to conclusions.

    Thanks everyone for advice and suggestions!
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    HI and welcome! I'm sorry you are having trouble TTC but glad you found us. We are not jumping to conclusions just giving you advice. An OB is the expert in keeping you pregnant vs RE which are the expert in getting you pregnant. The RE level of expertise, knowledge, continuing education on IF is much more extensive than an OB. Not to say that the OB isn't doing things the RE would do, however, if you are committed to getting the help you need, adding in the time, effort, money and the emotional aspect of TTC then at least interview with the specialist. See what diagnosis and protocol they recommend for you.  
    3T January Siggy Challenge: New Years Resolutions 
    TTC since 10/2010 (Rhythm method since 2007)

    Me (33) Sept 2012 - DX Low ovulation/progesterone, Luteal Phase Defect. HSG 5/2012: both tubes are open, cervix and lining look good;
    September 2014 DX Hashimoto's; November 2014: PCOS IR

    DH (37) Sept 2012 SA Normal; October 2014 Mild MFI count 42 Million, Motility 36%, Morphology 2%. Clomid 50mg,
    2004 Cyrosurgery, LEEP
    May 2012 - HSG Clear; June 2012 - Appointment with RE
    July 2012 - October 2012 - Clomid 50mg W/ TI & Progesterone 3 mature follicles- BFN
    January 2013 IUI #1 (900,000 post wash) Clomid 50mg, TI & Progesterone 2 mature follicles - BFN
    February 2013 IUI #2 (1.3 Mil post wash) Clomid 50mg, TI & Progesterone 4 mature follicles - BFN
    March 2013 IUI #1-3 (2.5 mil post wash) Clomid 50mg, Baby Aspirin (lining thinned) TI & Progesterone - 2 mature follicles BFN
    April 2013 Benched due to cyst, May 2013 WTF appointment
    June 2013 DH SA mild MFI break for 2 months to re-test; August 2013 - DH SA 36 Mil count, 36% Motility, Morp 2%
    September - December 2013 - Mental sanity Break
    January 2014 - IUI #4 switches to natural due to scheduling conflict Femara TI & Progesterone - 1 mature follicle - BFN
    May 2014-June 2014 - DH Appointment w/ Urologist to check Bi-lateral Varicocele; 2nd opinion w/ another urologist - bi-lateral varicocele dx is slight no surgery
    July 2014 DH starts clomid 25mg daily SA 53.8 Mil count, Motility 37%, Morph 3%;
    September 2014 DH Repeat SA after being on clomid for 3 months 42 Mil Count, Motility 36%, Morph 2%
    October 2014 Me: Hashimoto's DX, DH taken off clomid;
    November 2014 Me: new RE PCOS IR Diagnosis
    December 2014: IUI #4 Follitism 75iu 7 days, TI, IUI & Progesterone, BFMFN

    January 2015: IUI #5
    Gonal-F 75iu 7 days, TI, IUI & Progesterone, Another BFMFN onto IUI #6

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    OP, you are getting some really great advice from smart ladies who are being kind enough to take time to write you some really thoughtful, detailed answers.  

    I'm not even on Clomind, and I still get blood work and ultrasounds about 4-5 times per cycle by my RE.  One check in the middle of a cycle simply does not cut it.  Please be safe. 
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    OP, you got great advice from PPs. Taking Clomid from your OB is like playing Russian Roulette. It's not the smartest thing in the world. GL, hope you come out unscathed. 
    Multiple TTCAL 1IF 3
    DX: stage 2 Endo 2012, PCOS 7/2/14,  HSG 6/11/14, Lefty open!!
    BFP#1, EDD: 4/27/14, Missed EP confirmed: 9/23/13, R tube removal: 9/25/13 
    Clomid/TI #1=BFN, 
    Clomid/TI#2=BFN, Clomid/TI #3=CP
    BFP #2 CP, EDD 7/12/15
    On a treatment break: 2 natural cycles. Saving money, sigh*

    Goodbye my sweet babies. We miss you so much
    All Welcome

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    We never really get DDs in these parts. I just wonder why delete, just ignore the responses.
    Me: +35 DH: +35
    TTC: Since January 2013 
    DX: PCOS. Severe Endometriosis, Unicornuate Uterus w/only left tube and left ovary, Pedunculated fibroid (on the outside of uterus) and Anovulation. All conditions diagnosed 8/13
    TX: Metformin
    DH DX: MFI - low morphology, low motility
    Ultrasound shows both kidneys in spite of UU. 
    HSG showed clear tube on the left side. 
    Lap Surgery performed 1/9/14 to remove fibroid and endo (Stage 3)
    • IUI# 1 June 2014 started 100 mg of Clomid - 7dpiui Progesterone: 13: BFN
    • IUI#2  July 2014 started 100 mg of Clomid - 7dpiui Progesterone: 5.75: BFN
    • Natural Cycle - so shocked to be in 2WW - 7dpo Progesterone: 15.5: BFN
    • Working with new RE starting injectables in late August.
    • IUI #3 August 2014  w/ Menopur: BFN
    • Finally ovulating on my own!!
    Waiting to start IVF hopefully
    **********All Are Welcome**************
    3T January Siggy Challenge: New Year's Resolution

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    Oh man, a DD on 3T? It really is Tuesday

    This exactly! I've never seen a DD here before!!
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    I really thought I had clicked on TTCAL or TTGP for a second. People be crazy!
    Multiple TTCAL 1IF 3
    DX: stage 2 Endo 2012, PCOS 7/2/14,  HSG 6/11/14, Lefty open!!
    BFP#1, EDD: 4/27/14, Missed EP confirmed: 9/23/13, R tube removal: 9/25/13 
    Clomid/TI #1=BFN, 
    Clomid/TI#2=BFN, Clomid/TI #3=CP
    BFP #2 CP, EDD 7/12/15
    On a treatment break: 2 natural cycles. Saving money, sigh*

    Goodbye my sweet babies. We miss you so much
    All Welcome

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    @megrae12‌ we haven't had a DD on TTCAL for a while, actually.... ;) ETA: unless, of course, I missed it.
    TTCAL January Siggy Challenge: Animals in the Snow


    About Me: 

    AMA 35 :  DH 33
    BFP#1 1/26/14 (EDD: 10/7/14).  MMC 3/10/14 D&C 3/14/14
    RE Consult 11/3/14 - AMH 2.25 "great" . FSH 7.10 . Low Vitamin D
    Myomectomy 12/17/14.  Benched until March.


    My Ovulation Chart
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    I'm totally confused.

    ************Siggy warning, LO & loss***************

    Me 37 - DH 37 unexplained infertility
    DS born 09/99
    TTC since 2010
    12/11 BFP - ectopic, received methotrexate, benched 4 months 
    08/14 - exploring fertility options

    Tubes clear, SA for DH all clear
    10/14- #1 IUI (femera/ovadril/progesterone), 2 follicles 22/17, post wash count 94 million BFN

    10/14 - #2 IUI (Femera/ovidrel/progesterone ), 2 follies 19/20, post wash 111 million, BFN Dec 2014 Femera BFFN Taking a break to explore foster to adopt!

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