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Mamas who have delivered at Winnie Palmer

Ok so I'm in the home stretch and was thinking about putting a list together of things I need at the hospital. I know the basic things, clothes, toiletries, pillow, entertainment etc. what are things that this hospital doesn't provide that you thought you needed? I know it varies from hospital to hospital.
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Re: Mamas who have delivered at Winnie Palmer

  • I had everything I needed. They are very attentive at Winnie, I absolutely loved my experience there. I don't think we used our own diapers until we left the hospital and I was there for 4 days. I brought the basics like you are stating and they provided everything else.

  • Don't forget to pack for your husband (or have him pack lol). Snacks so he doesn't have to leave during labor and maybe a pillow and blanket if he wants to nap. I was in labor for 24 hours and I know that he was uncomfortable for a lot of it.
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  • They provide pretty much everything you need. Just bring your basics. I brought travel size toiletries so that I could use my normal brands. I had a long labor and ended up in a csection so I was there from Wednesday night to Monday morning and didn't need anything beyond the basics that I brought. Good luck!
  • I had a two week stay when I was there (unexpected pre eclampsia) they provided more that I could imagine but my must haves were my cell, slippers and a robe! They give you pads, diapers, all your supplies. I put together a small travel kit of shampoo/wash/shave gel my bf brought it to me and I hardly used them.

    My suggestions for you

    Don't need underwater, they will give you plenty; you will bleed so don't use yours. Theirs are comfortable as well.
    Outfit to leave in (I had no shame in leaving in my nightgown and robe)

    Baby Suggestions

    Car seat
    Two or three onsies
    Winnie provides your pump, diapers and all baby supplies.

    Daddy Suggestions

    Pj pants
    Two or three shirts
    He won't need entertainment, you are providing that.
    He won't need snacks, you have 24/7 room service. They will get you ANYTHING you ask for.

    Trust my when I say you will thank me when you pack as light as possible. You don't need so many of the things people suggest. The time goes by so fast you won't get a chance.

    Good luck!!!
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