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$20 found.

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You're going to get your mail and you find a $20 bill on the floor/ground.
What do you do with it?

(What if it was just a dollar?)

$20 found. 63 votes

See if anyone is around, there is, ask if they dropped it.
25% 16 votes
See if anyone is around, there isn't, in my pocket it goes.
53% 34 votes
Don't look around, I pretend I dropped it myself.
3% 2 votes
I pick it up with the intention to post a sign later that I've found it so the true owner can come claim it.
0% 0 votes
Leave it there, the owner will come back.
1% 1 vote
Take it, but drop at least 50% of the value into the next donation bin/can/box I see.
0% 0 votes
Whew! Thank goodness it's still there. I was afraid I lost it.
9% 6 votes
SS - something like that would never happen.
4% 3 votes
I don't go here, but I'm curious what kind of evil bitches are on M14.
1% 1 vote

Re: $20 found.

  • I'd probably pick up the dollar and put it in the next collection bin I saw.
    If I didn't see one in the next few days it would likely go towards a coffee someday.

  • I once stumbled upon a $100 bill in BJ's and stayed for 10 minutes to see if anyone would come back for it. They didn't, so I kept it. <:-P
    [Deleted User]SurpriseAt39[Deleted User]bennieangel
  • Well it is only MH & I that live on the 2nd floor of my house. My parents on the 1st, and our friend on the 3rd. So I'd ask if anyone lost it and if not then, it's mine!
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