Crib Layout in the Nursery

We've finally started planning and doing some preliminary shopping for the nursery. The room we're going to use is nice and big, but it's got some weird corners in places, and I don't want to put the cribs by either of the windows. There are a number of different possibilities, but I figured I'd ask the people who have done this already! Did you have the cribs right next to each other, close but not adjacent, on opposite sides of the room, or something in between (or totally different)?
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Re: Crib Layout in the Nursery

  • Ours are on the same wall (non window wall) and take up the whole wall basically. They are end to end so one long wall of crib. 

    Which now that they are 15 months it's fun to see them go to the ends and play with each other and throw toys back and forth. 
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  • Before we moved, they shared a very small room and were on opposite walls. There was a small walkway between them. It was the only way two cribs would fit.

    We moved into a bigger house and their bedroom is comparatively massive. We right now have them in opposite corners and they're far away from each other. I don't really like the layout, honestly. I'd rather them closer to each other but you kinda run into the window issue.

    So I'm no help, haha.

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  • When they were first born, they were on opposite sides of the room.  Now, they are in an L shape with one crib against a side wall, and one against the back wall.  They can see and interact with each other there.  The crib against the back wall is by a window, but there are no blinds or anything they can get into there, and it is a first floor room.
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  • We have our cribs on the same wall with the changing table (dresser) in between them.  DH wanted the across the room from each other because it definitely looked better, but functionally, I wanted them closer to the changing table.
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  • Ours are in an L shape, right next to each other.

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  • Our setup. I love having them next to each other.
  • Same as some of the previous posters. End to end on one wall. The closet is at one end so 1/4 of the closet is blocked, but I just put things back there we don't need access to often. I measured this wall and knew exactly how long the cribs could be to fit there before we shopped for them. Several of the more ornate ones wouldn't have fit end to end so we picked ones that would work in the space.

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  • Mine are side by side with ends up again the wall. It is a bit of a pain to have to walk all the way around to get access to both, but they seem to enjoy watching each other through the bars.
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