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17 months - too early to try the potty?

Saturday night, on his 17-month birthday, dear son proudly announced "Po-Po..." and then proceeded to poop in the tub. He's said it at least three more times over the weekend and then went #2 in his diaper each time. Is he ready for potty training? He's got a good vocabulary and can follow instructions very well, but I have no idea if he's more mature for his age than others. Any thoughts - too early, or should we get a potty and start trying? Tips from experienced parents?
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Re: 17 months - too early to try the potty?

  • I don't think he's too young.  If you think he's ready you can give it a go.  I would just follow his lead and see where it takes you.  Do not be disappointed or surprised if he's not really ready.  Knowing when he needs to poop is great but to potty train he has to be able to stay dry for 2- 3 hours and want to use the potty.  

  • I say give it a try. Don't get frustrated if it doesn't work out. Our MD said usually closer to two years for potty training and they should be consistently waking up from naps dry. I don't think it hurts to get the potty out and use to it. He obviously knows when he has to go.
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  • My day care says they wait for the kids to be able vocalize when they need to go to the bathroom. Sounds like your kiddo is already there so Id say its probably a good idea to start trying. 
  • My 17 1/2 month old just used the toilet last week for the first time. She did great! Soon we will by her a potty. Woohooo!

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  • We just got our daughter who is 18 months old her potty and were about to give it a go! I figure It will be a good time since she can say pee pee and poo poo! Good luck with your potty training efforts and I will keep you gals up to date on ours!

  • Nope, not too young. We put our 16 month old on the potty at least once a day. She rarely goes, but we're getting her used to the potty.
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  • not too early to try the potty at all!  If he is interested, go for it!

    Might be early to fully potty train and ditch diapers, but definitely not too early to let him practice and explore the potty.
    Around that age is when we started introducing our LO to the potty, and after a few times she starting consistently pooping in the potty as part of her bedtime routine every night.  She still doesn't want to stop playing in the middle of the day to pee (even now that she's just over 2), but she has pooped exclusively in the potty for months, and recently has started telling us when she has to poop rather than us having to guess and ask her.

    if you are open to seeing potty training as a child-led process that might evolve over the next few months, then definitely go for it.


  • Depends on the babe and the parents.  My friend's DD potty trained early.  I thought my DD would too when she showed signs at 18 months, but 18 months later I can say that was not so for her (and me).  "Bad" news:  Without an "effort" on my part, DD was in diapers full time at 3 years.  Good news:  With her own effort, DD is now in underwear all day at 3.5 years with under 5 accidents ... ever.  So early training - more accidents.  Later training - more diapers.  Your DS' choice and yours. :)

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  • It's early but if you want to start i don't think it will hurt. My son was potty trained by 3. I tried it when he was 2.5 but he wasn't having it. Gave it a break and 2 months before his 3rd birthday and right before his preschool started in which he had to be potty trained, we tried again. My method was odd but we stayed home for a few days and I let him run around without any clothes on. It kinda worked. He did pretty good. And the next couple of months he would have a few accidents here and there but overall it went well.
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