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Hello Dads and Dads-to-be! My husband and I are expecting our second child in early March and are starting to discuss some preliminary ideas for what to pack, specifically for him. We really kind of winged it for our first five years ago and he only brought a tooth brush and his work clothes, this time, though, he wants to be more prepared, especially since he now knows how he's likely going to react to the birth haha The first birth went fine, no complications and was insanely quick (five minute active labor), but the moment we got to the recovery room, he crashed and didn't wake back up until he had to leave for work the next morning. He currently works three jobs and is hoping he'll be able to take off from work at least for the period of time that we'll be in the hospital but since there isn't a guarantee and we already know he'll probably fall asleep right away again, we're trying to come up with a more prepared bag for him as well as any ideas for staying awake or ways that I could even help him "recover" after the birth hahaha I don't mind him sleeping but he does feel like he's missing out on helping me once I've given birth and I don't want him to feel guilty or exhausted. Thanks in advance! 

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  • Toothpaste?

    I don't know, guys don't need much. Snacks, a book, camera for pictures, where is your 5yo going to be?

    If neither of you had problems with how things worked out the first time then wing it again. I think putting him on picture duty would be a good way of keeping him awake for a little while though.


    Good luck.



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  • Our son wants to stay with my in laws while we're in the hospital so it'll just be the two of us. I don't have a problem with him sleeping, but he still does.
    He's actually a photographer so the picture-duty might be a really great solution! 
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  • Bring your own pillow.

    Bring Slippers

    Bring change for the vending machines.

    Bring comfortable 'lounge' pants.

    Good luck!
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  • For our second, I had a few changes of clothes, a book, cell phone charger, my smart phone and my wallet.  I didn't use the vending machines at all for either of my LOs births.  Since DD was born Dec. 23rd, I was bouncing in and out of the hospital after the birth but was there for the delivery.

    The best is to have your husband figure out what he thinks he will need.
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  • I'm not a dad lol but after being admitted to L&D for a weekend two weeks ago, my husband has a clear idea of what he needs to bring.

    Pillow - they barely have enough for us
    Change for vending machine
    Cell phone/charger
    Snack bag
    Playing cards (he thinks I will want to play HA!)

    My husband is in charge of packing his own bag, if he forgets something.. Well that's his problem. Adapt and overcome :) If he forgets the pillow, he will complain forever.
  • For both kids I never left the hospital while they were there except for 1 quick jaunt into the world each time where I was gone maybe an hour.  For food, I either ate in the hospital food court, or we had my parents/in-laws bring us food from the outside world.  I was literally out of the room maybe 3 hours a day on average, aside from trips to the ice/water machine for my wife or to go talk to a nurse.  So my packing list was a bit more elaborate.  I packed:

    Several shirts, sleeping clothes, camera and charger, cell charger (for both of us), laptop with charger, snacks, toothbrush/paste, deodorant, my own pillow (for the 2nd).  I didn't bring anything to read because I was either with my sons, visiting with family, or on the computer or asleep.
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