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t & p please update

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DH is feeling off and says he feels similar to how he felt the night before he started having bleeding issues and had to go back into surgery. Hopefully he just over did it, but we are going to the ER to make sure.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to get back on till now. It was just something he ate. Thanks for the t&p.
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Re: t & p please update

  • Oh no lots of thoughts and prayers for you. Fingers crossed he just over did it.


  • Gah. Hope everything is ok!
  • Oh no.  I hope he is feeling better.  Glad you are going in to be safe.

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  • Lots of thoughts and prayers for you guys

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  • Prayers are with you
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  • Hope everything is okay!

  • Sending tons of thoughts and prayers your way!
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  • T&ps!

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  • So glad he's ok!
  • So glad he is ok. How is his recovery going from his last surgery?


  • Yay for the update!!


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  • @StefanieM522‌ He is doing better. He has very little energy and can't be on his feet for very long. We are still having issues with getting his blood the right thickness since he has bloodclots.
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  • I am so glad that he is doing better! Hope they can get it all worked out so he can be back to himself again! Hang in there momma you are doing an amazing job!!!


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