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My baby is almost 5.5 months old and EBF. My intention was always to wait until 6 months to start solids with him. My pediatrician said any time between 4-6 months if he shows interest in what we're eating then we can start solids. He can sit independently. He has no tongue-thrust reflex. He is navigating the pincer grasp. And he seems extremely interested in what we're eating. He grabs at our plates and opens his mouth when we put food into our mouths. The problem is he's interested in putting EVERYTHING into his mouth, so I'm not sure if he's showing readiness for food or just learning by putting things in his mouth. It's so hard to tell the difference!

Today he was so interested in eating my husband's lunch I went ahead and made him a little bowl of baby oatmeal mixed with breast milk. He really seemed to enjoy it. Then again, he also enjoys chewing on blankets.

I'm sensing that readiness for food isn't a light switch that gets flipped on his six month birthday, but I'm afraid of pushing it too soon. I'm wondering if I should just wait a few more weeks. I'm not in any rush to start solids, but I'm trying to follow his lead. Am I over-thinking this?

Re: Starting Solids

  • Totally overthinking. Give it a shot. If you notice that he's uncomfortable later in the day, you can always try again in a few weeks
    This.  Both of mine started in the 5- 6 month with foods.  If he's interested give it a go.  
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