i realized I posted and never really introduced myself.

I gave birth to my son at 28weeks1day on September 19, water had broken two days before at work and the doctors don't know exactly why...the plan was to keep me in the hospital until 34 weeks but he was ready to walk out! He was a breech baby and when they examined me his feet were right there! Had to have an emergency c section and he was in the nicu for 2 months.

The most trying and difficult can plan for a lot of things, but you never think to plan for something like this. I am grateful that there were no real health issues...he somehow contracted mrsa while in the nicu and is anemic so he had to have 1 blood transfusion...but other than that, all was and is well.

At birth he was 2lbs12oz and 14.5 he is 9lbs1oz and 21 inches.

Glad to have somewhere to come and get help from moms who have had a premature baby.
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