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Who else still has Christmas decorations up?

bermybabe68bermybabe68 member
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Who else still has Christmas decorations up? 36 votes

Everything is up - tree, stockings, outside lights etc
8% 3 votes
Some of it is packed away but there's still a few remenets of Chistmas hanging around.
30% 11 votes
Just recently packed everything away.
44% 16 votes
Everything was put away before New Years.
16% 6 votes

Re: Who else still has Christmas decorations up?

  • I just got the tree out of the house today (stripped last week) and there's still bows on my front door and a snow globe in the hallway.
  • I took the tree down right after Christmas because it dried out while we were out of town. The rest is still lingering...

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  • Everything is up. We were on vacation from 12/30-1/9. Meant to take it down this weekend, but we were too lazy. I'll do it tomorrow.



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  • We didn't have much. But I took down the tree and such a few days after New Years. My fridge is still a snowman though.
  • Everything is mainly put away but our tree is still up without any decorations. I just haven't had the chance to take it down yet.
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