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IKEA fun find!

So the husband and I both used to play tennis but neither of us have played in almost fifteen years. For our whole marriage once or twice a year, we're both like "We should so do that" but never get around to getting rackets and such.  

Well before Christmas I was picking up kiddo more train tracks at Ikea, and they have two rackets for $17! Don't get me wrong, they're on the cheap side, but we've been having a blast. If we stick with it for a few months than a real equipment investment might be in our future. 

 Anyone else stumble across some cheap fun lately?
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Re: IKEA fun find!

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    Not for us but for the kid-- kinetic sand. He has spent about an hour a day playing with it since I got it a couple of weeks ago. I think it was like $12 so well worth it.
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  • I want kinetic sand! Amazon priiiime. Also, IKEA has a net for sale as well. It would probably work for badminton.
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