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Need support... Baby proofing trouble

Re: Need support... Baby proofing trouble

  • This makes me so sad. If you love your daughter, you need to get out of that situation now. There are places you can go like shelters to get on your feet. Leave IL to avoid the temptation to get back into what sounds like an unhealthy relationship. You can do better.
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  • LEAVE YOUR BOYFRIEND AND HIS FAMIly. You say they are helping you and they've helped you so much...honey they aren't helping you. They're putting you and your daughter in an unsafe environment and exposing you both to drugs. Get the hell out of there. Break up with your boyfriend and move back home with your parents. They all sound like toxic people that are dragging you down.

    Your daughter comes first. No way in hell should you be raising her in that environment. Go home and have a fresh start!

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  • I'm not sure what terms you and your parents on,but swallow your pride,MOVE HOME. This is no longer about you, it's about your daughter. Whether you love him or not... your boyfriend sucks and he will not change.

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  • For the love of God, get the hell out of there. Run. Run very fast. You are putting your daughter's life in danger. Go back to TX, WITHOUT YOUR BOYFRIEND. Beg your parents to help you. Get back in your feet and take care of that baby girl. It is not about you anymore. I know you think you love him and want to believe he loves you too. He's screwed you over. He doesn't care about you or your child. Just look where you are. You also need to consider that you could lose your child for living in that situation. It's just not worth it.
  • If you love your daughter, you will leave today.

    Go home to your dad, his 6- figure salary and Christian lifestyle.

    If going home isnt an option, go to a shelter. You need to be in a safe, drug free, place for your daughter.

    I am sure you love your boyfriend, but sometimes love isnt enough.

  • My advice? Beyond everything everyone else as said, assuming this isn't mud, change your user name. Internet privacy is no joke.
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  • Run. Now.

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  • Call your parents. Dump the loser. Take your daughter and get the hell out. 

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  • Why can't he hold down a job? If you make 27K why aren't you using that money to get out? Or did you leave that job when you moved? If so why would you leave a job that pays enough for you to at least rent a studio or a room in a house? Why did you move to his parents and not yours?
    I feel like we are missing a lot of this story.
  • OP posted and ran, and hasn't read a single reply...
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  • GTFO. That's a horrible environment for a baby, and for you. The guy is a loser. Trust me, guys in their 30's and 40's sometimes aren't even responsible, don't expect a young guy in that shitty of a situation to change anytime soon. Move on with your life and make sure your baby is safe.
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