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First birthday

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I can't believe our babies are almost 1 already!! How many people are you inviting to LO's birthday party?

First birthday 109 votes

We aren't having a party
7% 8 votes
Less than 5
1% 2 votes
Between 5 and 10
17% 19 votes
Between 10 and 20
30% 33 votes
Between 20 and 30
21% 23 votes
Between 30 and 40
11% 13 votes
Between 40 and 50
4% 5 votes
More than 50
5% 6 votes

Re: First birthday

  • I said between 20-30 but it may be less. I'd like that many, but the thought of having so many people in my house makes me a little anxious. I wish the weather were nice enough here in March to have the party outside!
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    I think around 20. We are only doing cake and drinks. It's too much work to do an entire meal. No theme. Just pink balloons/streamers. Paper plates/cups and plastic forks. Trying to be simple.

  • We will do something small, mostly just family. That will put us right around 10-15 people.
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  • I did between 20-30, but 14 of that is DH's immediate family. I only want immediate family and very close friends who have been involved in DS's life the last year.

    We are having it at our house and serving something simple, probably burgers. I have decorations left over from his shower, and the rest I'll make on my own.

    My hubby is going to make a home brew beer and make labels that hoc with our theme! I'm totally excited!
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  • Im torn, I'd like to keep it on the smallish side since we don't have a ton of room, but I also want to invite family that won't get to see her often, if we can get the basement presentable enough, then that would make enough room for everyone....I think.
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  • I was just talking about this with my mil. All of our friends have done big family and friend parties and I don't know that I want that so we'll see. I voted 10-20.
  • I said 10-20. We are going to have it at a local pizza restaurant because you can use the party room for free if you spend approx $5 per guest on food and drink. I work at a party store, so I have been eyeing themes for months, but don't intend to spend more than $20 on decorations and stuff.
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  • Just family puts us at around 40 people. We will also invite a few close friends. We're having it at my church social hall so I don't have to worry about fitting everyone in my house. First birthdays are a big deal in my family.
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    We sort of have a conundrum for ours, and aren't sure what we want to do yet. I have a really large family on my dad's side - my parents (2), parental grandmother (1), 3 aunt/uncle pairs (6), and 9 cousins (3 with husbands) who between them have 7 kids of their own. That's 25 people just on my dad's side. Add in my mom's side and DH's family, and we'd be looking at least at 33 people and that doesn't even count any friends. :-/

    Honestly I'd rather just have a smaller event with just immediate family, probably aunts/uncles and a few friends, but not invite all my cousins/their kids. (a) Because of the cost (I'm not sure if we could handle that many people in our house, and even if we could that would be a ton of food), (b) Both times my LO was at parties where my entire DH's family was there, she ended up having a meltdown. It's just so many people, so many kids, so much noise, and so many people fawning over her she ends up overstimulated.

    However my cousins who had kids before us had huge parties and invited everyone. Since they invited us to their parties (and we attended when we could), I feel like it would be rude to not invite them. To further complicate matters, one of my cousins had her baby a few days after me. I'm pretty sure she is going to invite everyone again since she has for all her other kids. So not only will I need to coordinate to ensure our parties don't overlap, I feel like it would be super rude to not invite her to LO's party if we are  invited to hers. (And if I invite her family, it would be rude to not invite my other cousins.)

    I just want to avoid any drama/awkwardness, but also don't want us to kill ourselves trying to make other people happy and not enjoy the event *sigh*
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  • I voted 5-10.
    We live 2.5 hours from my family so I don't expect many would come.
    His birthday also coincides with March break here (spring break) for elementary schools. Aaaaaand my return to work. It will be busy.
    And, we aren't big on birthday parties in general.

  • We are Irish, so basically throwing a big St. Patrick's Day party and making it a birthday party. Guinness, shamrock cupcakes, not sure about food yet. Only a handful of kids, so we'll probably do gold coins for favors and put lepracon foot prints around the house and green food coloring in the toilets....because when a lepracon has to go, he goes green. :)
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  • g33kyg1rly  Have a small party!  Don't worry about appeasing other people, especially if LO will be happier with a smaller crowd.  Have a bigger party next year when she will be more accustomed to lots of people.

  • We won't do a party because I don't want the stress.  We will do something special as a family (the 4 of us), and have cake and stuff, but no party.
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