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QOTD 1/11

What are your plans for today?

Re: QOTD 1/11

  • We don't have much planned for today. We're just having a leisure morning, may take LO outside to play in the snow and then will most likely visit my parents after LO's nap.
  • I have to go take newborn photos this morning... A sweet little 4 day old boy! :smile:

    After that I'll probably hang out with DH before he flies away for work this evening.

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  • My step dad's 60th bday is this afternoon at a restaurant. We also need to go grocery shopping. We've been out of town and have nothing to eat!



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  • Work. I wish I could spend the whole day with DD. I have a short shift though so we're hoping to watch a movie as a family tonight, we don't get the opportunity often.
  • Food shopping then doing a demonstration at my aunt's house ( I am a tastefully simple consultant )

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  • We went to church this morning. Stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home to get must have groceries. I'll have to go back later in the week to get the rest, when I have more money. We finished putting up the Christmas decoration boxes and cleaned out the fish tank. Oh and did laundry and dishes. Yup fun day......

    @fiveohfive‌ hope your DD keeps getting better!
  • We were supposed to go to my nephew's 7th birthday party at one of those indoor play centres.  But I had the worst of the flu this morning so we stayed home.  Feeling much better now!
  • We were supposed to go to church and then to our friends for Sunday spaghetti dinner, but D has had a fever off and on since Friday after her 15 mo shots and was miserable and clingy to me all day. so we skipped church and DH went to spaghetti dinner while d and I stayed home and I tried getting work done and pass WIDA ACCESS administrator tests. Long day today...

    BFP: 1/17/13 EDD: 9/20/13 Dalenna Rose Born: 40 wks 4 days 9/24/13
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    FTM to my sweetpea Miss D.

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