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Alimentum formula- poop color? Rtf vs powder?

I recently switched my DS to Alimentum powder formula. How long did it take for you to see success with your baby after starting Alimentum? I was wondering what color your little one's poop was if they ever took Alimentum. Also, did you have better success with the powder or ready to feed?My DS has MSPI & acid reflux.

Re: Alimentum formula- poop color? Rtf vs powder?

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    My DS takes the ready to feed Alimentum. I think his stomach pain and pooping issues got better within a couple of days and he no longer had blood in his stool after about a week. His stool is darker greenish brown color and the consistency of peanut butter. We haven't tried the powder because we found we liked the convenience of the ready to feed so I don't have any input there. Hope that helps!
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    Thanks rach2686! That's exactly my DS stool looks like so it's good to know it is normal.
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    We had to use alimentum when ds was little because of mspi. Since the hypoallergenic formula is more broken down, there is less for the body to have to break down, so the poop just kinda flows through. We always had stools that were more on the mushy side. We used both powder and rtf, but mostly powder because insurance paid for it since it was medically necessary!
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    Erino901: how did you get insurance to pay for it? We have United Healthcare & they are giving me the runaround. I've called so many different numbers & left voicemails. Still no luck....
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