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What are you looking forward to?

Now that the holidays are gone, a lot of the LO's first birthdays have passed, what are you looking forward to next? Anyone have big plans for the upcoming months or year for that matter? This time of year can be slow and boring after the craziness of the holidays. I have no set plans yet but hoping to plan a little family vacation this summer. Maybe to Ottawa to visit some friends we haven't seen in a long time. Enjoy some beach time with the family and seeing DD reach new milestones. Just trying to liven up a quiet board! :)

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  • DS's birthday isn't until the 29th, so I'm still busy planning his party. After that we have a trip to Hawaii planned for my mom's 60th birthday next month. Then we really have nothing planned until August when we are going on a cruise for our anniversary. I'm sure we will end up visiting relatives around the state and I am trying to get to Philadelphia at some point. But last year went so fast, I haven't had time to plan for this year.
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  • DD's  party is tomorrow!  Then I turn 30 in March and we are going to CA in the spring.  DH turns 30 in October, so I want to plan a party for him.  I am also looking forward to skiing this spring and camping this summer. 
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  • Looking forward to DD's baptism and 1st birthday next weekend. After that begins the countdown to baby #2. And then after that, buying a house! We have a busy next few months :) 
  • I am looking forward to DS's first birthday on Feb 2. His grandparents will be here so that'll be fun.

    I want to go somewhere for our 4th anniversary in October.

    Lately, I've been looking forward to when I have weaned DS, and I can have my hubby take a morning shift and I can sleep in as long as I want (...so to 8am?). I have no plans to wean soon so maybe this will be like... Years from now, hahaha.
  • Looking for to DS 1st bday which is Monday and his party is next weekend.
    Summer summer summer. Ha ha!! Looking forward to this whole entire year, excited to find out what this year will bring. Working on baby #2. :)
    Going somewhere warm, Key West in about a month(baby and dog free). DH, another couple and myself are going. Just living everyday to it's fullest
  • I'm happy to be done with C's birthday party. It's just so much cleaning and work having people over...especially right after the holidays!

    I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the baby weight off in time for summer! So far so good with paleo eating...I lost 3.5 lbs this week and I've got about 12-15 to go! I'm determined to wear my cute swim suit again this summer! Since we're at our family lake home pretty much every weekend I plan to get my tan on and not have to wear my mom swim suit!

    As long as I don't get pregnant again...with my 2nd I had just gotten back to my athletic body bc I had lost weight and ran a ton before my wedding, then I finally lost all the weight from her and found out I was pregnant with #3. Truth: not wanting to have to lose weight again ***may deterr from thinking about one more!

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  • DD's birthday isn't until the 30th so still looking forward to that! We've got a few exciting things happening this year:

    -My sister is getting married - she lives in a major city on the other side of the country so we're making a 2 week trip out of it. Can't wait!
    -H's Grandpa is turning 80 and they're having a huge camping trip weekend to celebrate with all his kids, grandkids, and great grandkids. I love H's family, they're a blast, so I'm super excited
    -And finally, start planning for baby number 2 in the fall!
  • DD''s birthday is Wednesday and her party is next weekend. Looking forward to seeing her reaction to the cake.

    Mardi Gras - we took DD to her first parade last night and she absolutely loved it!!

    St. Patrick's day - sounds silly, but New Orleans goes all out for it and it's a huge, fantastic party. And more parades!!

    First family vacation (s) - not sure where to yet. I have to go to Chicago for training in May so we may go early and catch a Cubs game. Would also like to take DD to the beach today!

    Trying for baby #2!!

    Looking forward to everything that 2015 brings!
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  • Disney World next month!!! Then of course summer time off with DS, and (maybe) another little one!

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  • LO's first birthday at the end of the month and hopefully a vacation this year. We want to take the kids to Disneyland
  • No houseguests for a while. And going to DisneyWorld in May.
  • My SIL is having her 4th LO in February and I will have her kids for the duration of her hospital stay. I am just hoping that morning sickness doesn't get too bad, as things will be insane with 3 extra kids in the house.

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  • DD's birthday is this Saturday so we are preping for that.  Then we have a short break before DH and I get really busy with the musical we run stage crew for. The show opens in April so weekend work parties to build sets have already started and March begins the really hectic time for us with lots of rehearsals - just got our scripts this week so I need to start going through that and getting lighting ideas. 

  • Warm weather. And ttc this summer!
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