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Montgomery, Al.?

Is there anyone in Montgomery, Alabama due in September? Trying to make friends & find some things around the area to do (prenatal yoga, new mom classes, etc.)
My husband works at the Marine reserve center & I work at a pet store! We've been here about four months, but we're still learning the area.

Re: Montgomery, Al.?

  • Hi! I just commented on another one of your posts. We are new to the area too (Been here since August). Like I mentioned earlier, I'm due in May but would love to chat. :)

  • Hey. I saw that! Still learning the app, so I'm not sure if you can send direct messages or not..if you can, though, you're welcome to! We've been here since the end of September. The only people here I know are the people I work with, so we're still working on meeting people!
  • Yes you can do PM's in the app. I will send you one. You can check under community (at the top of the screen). "Go to my inbox" is the last choice at the bottom. At least that's what works for me. :) Let me know if you have any questions!

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