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I've had some great advice & shared experiences so far on this forum which has meant I've been able to narrow my midwife search to Intown or See Baby at AMC. But if anyone has any specific prenatal & birthing experience with either of these it would be great to hear. 

Also I know Dr.Bootstaylor has recently moved to See Baby from Intown, do we know why & what the new OB is like at Intown?  Any help/advice would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.

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  • Im with See Baby. Just started in December. Currently 15 weeks. Since I haven't had too much experience with them yet, I will tell you what I like about them.
    Dr. Bootstaylor is ALL about bringing birthing back to how it used to be. Using as little interventions as possible. He has amazing bed side manner which many docs don't have. He made me feel so comfortable and really listened to me. He actually sat with me for 45mins chit chatting when I had to come in unexpectedly at the last minute for bleeding. He also examined my ultrasounds so thoroughly and explained everything to me! The facility is so relaxing that you feel like you are in a spa. Staff is attentive and kind. The other key things for me is that there are only 3 midwives and one doc. Also the way they do their shifts you are almost definitely going to have the same midwife throughout your entire labor and birth.

    Those are my thoughts so far.
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  • Thank you, that's great to hear. 
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  • Go to their meetups that they have monthly and decide for yourself! :) They both offer water birth options. 

    To clarify things: Dr. Bootstaylor didn't exactly move from Intown to SeeBaby. He always had his own SeeBaby perinatal practice and was the backup OB for Intown. He ended his backup relationship and opened a second practice, which is SeeBaby Midwifery which he serves as the backup OB for. 
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