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Southern Oklahoma OB recommendations that are affiliated with hospital w/ Level III NICU

I am pregnant with Mo/Di twins and the possibility of them coming early is very real. My OB delivers at a hospital that has NO NICU and that really worries me. I see an MFM in Norman, and he has said that if they come early I will need to be delivered at a place with a NICU. Which would mean possibly delivering at a hospital I am not familiar with and being delivered by someone who I have never even been seen by, or else the babies could end up being taken to a different hospital after birth if my regular OB delivers them. This bothers me. I think it would be much simpler if I just chose a new OB who delivers at a bigger hospital with a NICU but I am at a loss because I live in quite a rural area (Durant, Ok) and I don't even know where to look. I also need one who accepts Soonercare. I am willing to drive as I already drive 2+ hours to see my MFM every 2 weeks, but it is a burden so honestly the closer the better. 
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Re: Southern Oklahoma OB recommendations that are affiliated with hospital w/ Level III NICU

  • Hi!!! I'm am a fellow Durant mommy too!! And I have almost 5 year old mo-di twins!! I am assuming you have Whit and he sent you to Mirabile?? Maybe I assume because that's what I did. Anywho, I would recommend finding a doctor at OU children's hospital. They have the best nicu in the state. The way it was explained to me (for a different pregnancy that had a very grim outcome) they told me I could deliverin durant and only offer comfort care to my child (basically keep him comfortable until he passed away) or have him at mercy and offer him some services in a nicu, or have him at OU where the nicu could do practically anything to keep him alive.

    So if I had the chance again, I would choose OU. I disliked mirabile if that is who you have.
  • Wow someone else from Durant! That is so crazy..

    I actually had Whittington at first and switched to Dr. Taylor after two terrible visits with him.

    I am currently thinking about switching to my MFM, Dr. Stanley, as my primary. He delivers at Mercy which I know nothing about. I have read/heard great things about OU but I don't know how to go about making sure I am delivered is all so confusing. 
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  • I liked dr Stanley. He is in the same office as mirabile and he was sooooo much better! I'm not sure if you are on Soonercare or how your insurance works, but Soonercare you can just choose a different doctor. For instance, if I wanted I could just call up a doctor at OU and see if they would take me as a patient. If they will then my insurance would just cover it. I don't need referrals and stuff.

    If you want to be delivered at OU you would just get a doctor who works there and when labor comes make the 2-3 hour drive. Lol. T will be the same thing at mercy. Just keep Stanley and show up at mercy when you go into labor.

    I am planning on getting seen at OU. I just found out I am pregnant and Whit (and all other docs here) says they won't allow me to vbac after 2 csections. So I am hoping one at OU will let me. I am going to dread that drive though in labor! Lol.
  • Do you think Mercy is a good enough hospital?
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  • I never actually used the hospital, I delivered here in Durant, but dr Stanley seemed like a good doctor. And he did say they have a nicu that can do a lot of things, it's just that at OU they have everything state of the art and can do amazingly awesome things. Mercy is capable, just not as capable as OU... That is how he made it sound to me. He didn't say that specifically.

    I plan on going to OUin Edmond if they will take me. I think it will be closer than any other hospital in the city. But then again my only choices are OU Edmond or OU in okc for a vbac after 2 csections. I have sent my medical record to both of them to see if one of them will give me the chance. I don't know if OU Edmond has a nicu though or else I would recommend it. Also, Stanley has like 4 different offices all throughout okc so you might try asking them which is closest and if you could start being seen at only that clinic. With my last pregnancy I drove to all 4 different clinics because I didn't specify to keep using the same one...
  • I use the same clinic it is in Norman so it is the closest one, but thanks for the info and advice. I really trust Dr. Stanley and he agreed with me about not delivering at a place with no NICU and seemed fine with delivering me at Mercy so I think I will just stick with that plan. I am sure he wouldn't be doing deliveries there if he didn't trust it.

    Good luck to you on your VBAC. I hope it all works out for you! 
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