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OB suggestions?

Hey Guys! 

I'm 5 weeks along with my first baby and I need a new OB because mine is too far away and not under my insurance (I have Cigna).

I am really having a hard time because I really want someone who will support my right to be in charge of my body. I was a nursing student in some of the hospitals around here and just saw so many women get walked all over and their choices not respected (OB's doing episiotomies even though the patient refused, labors induced for no reason, etc). I want a natural birth (possibly water birth), delayed cord clamping, my placenta to be preserved, and a few other things that are considered to be abnormal and I'm having a really hard time getting support. I want all the comforts of home with the safety of a hospital, bit of a tall order I know, but it shouldn't be!!

Where can I find a decent OB?! Or midwife or doula..... all 3??
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