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Moms on progesterone injections check in

I'm currently 27 weeks today. I have been on the injections since 16 weeks.

My son was born at 30 weeks due to pre term labor of unknown cause.

Wanting to know how everyone did on the injections the second time around.

Re: Moms on progesterone injections check in

  • Following this - I plan on starting shots at 16 weeks!
  • I'm interested in this as well. I see the MFM on the 22nd and I'll be 16 weeks. If it's an option for me, I want to go prepared with info. Thanks for posting.
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  • Also following -- will be starting them at 16w, as well.
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  • I'll say this so far. I feel good on the injections. So real side effects just a sore butt.

    I'm 27w2d. Cervix is nice and closed and long.

    Just counting down to 30 weeks. Can't wait to get past that.
  • Dd was born at 33w3d and I got them the 2nd time around starting at 17w. I made it to 35w2d with Ds when my water broke and he was born later that day. I had been having BH for weeks and the week before he was born, I had increased period like cramps. I don't recall any of those the first time around.
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  • My first was born at 30w4d due complete placenta previa, PTL and PPROM. I was on the injections from 16 weeks to 36 weeks, and my second was born at 37w2d (exactly 6 days after my last shot). I'm so happy that I was able to get them, and I really do think they helped.
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  • My first one was born at 26 weeks due to PROM at 24 weeks. When I was pg with my 2nd, the MFM told me that it was not IC despite my cervix being non-existent by 28 weeks. Luckily, it stayed closed until I had to be induced at 39w4d. I also started SBR at 21 weeks when my cervix started to shorten so I was on SBR for 16 weeks. I am convinced that the shots worked for me!
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  • DD was born at 32 weeks and with the shots, DS was born at 38.  The shots did make me a little anxious...but nothing I couldn't handle.  They do make blood sugar issues a little worse, possibly, and it turned out that although I passed the g.d. screen, I had extremely bad g.d. in later weeks, that caused a lot of issues for my son--worse ones than they mention.  So definitely ask about that and ask for a test at later weeks if you were close at 28 weeks.
  • Ds1 born at 34 weeks pprom. Ds2 born at 39 weeks with the shots. Only side effect sore itchy butt.


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  • DS1 was born at 32w3d due to PTL and pPROM. I got the shots with DS2 from weeks 16-35. I had DS2 at 36w0d. It would've been nice to make it another week, but I'm very happy with the result! I had major itching and irritation at the injection site, but other than that, I would do it again with baby #3 if we are so lucky...

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  • Hearing success stories makes me so happy. So far things seem to be good. Cervix is currently closed and measuring about 34 which they said anything about 30 at this point is normal.
    Next appt is 1/29. My 30 week appt, when I delivered my son.

    Praying little girl stays til about 35 or more!
  • I am on my 4th week of progesterone shots (My siggy won't update but I am 19 weeks with #3). I've had no systemic side effects but have major bruising and itching to my rear.  I'm glad for no systemic effects, and will be even more glad when we hopefully bring our little one home with us, but I'm hoping that the bruising doesn't continue every week!
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    DD born December 28, 2011 at 34w6d

    Baby #3 due June 14, 2015

  • I'm about to receive my 14th injections tomorrow. Bruising a couple times. Worst was when we hit a blood vessel. Other than that, so far so good.

    I just want a take home baby! To be able to hold my child after I deliver. To go to the nursery. All of this I pray for!
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