One & Done: Only child

Am I the only one left?

Am I the only one left who's most definitely, happily one and done totally by choice? I feel like we have people falling off the fence left and right these days! Who's still with me? More power to and good luck to those jumping, I'm just wondering who else has their heels dug in like me!
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Re: Am I the only one left?

  • No question.
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  • I'm with you for the foreseeable future!

    I'm not ready to rule out another 100% but it would be such a long shot at this point in my life.


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  • I'm 100%, DH is not. Does that count? :)
  • My husband had a midlife crisis a bit ago and thought he was changing his mind. Then he woke up. I'll always be here!
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  • I am done. My tubes are tied. Not gonna do it again.



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  • I'm 100%, DH is not. Does that count? :)

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  • You're not alone!!
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  • OAD and no changing minds here!

  • ME! I wouldn't rule one out if it were a dealbreaker for a future SO, but for now, I have my one and I'm plenty happy with that.
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  • Me too....
  • I mostly lurk here now but we are officially OAD by choice and I am very content with our decision. 

    We had a scare 2 months ago and it really made me realize how much we do NOT want another child!

  • Nope you're not alone. Definitely one and done and not ever changing my mind. A friend of mine is pregnant with #2 and I done envy her one but. Our circumstances actually dictate this choice but I have too many things to accomplish like finishing school.
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  • I am here more solidly each day.  Read a great book recently called "One and Only" which has really helped to reinforce my decision, get rid of any guilt I had, and explain why I had the conflicting thoughts. I highly recommend it.
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  • I haven't been here in a while, but I am still absolutely 100% OAD!
  • I have only ever wanted one, and DH feels the same way.  We were told 5 years ago we couldn't have kids and have suddenly found ourselves pregnant at 40!!  So we are most definitely 100% OAD by choice and circumstance.   
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  • groovylocksgroovylocks member
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    We are 2 months pregnant now and done after this. By choice. We both want to maintain a fair bit of freedom and financial stability. One is fine.
  • I am 43 and pregnant with our first, which we didn't really think would happen. I am pretty sure we'll be one and done.
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  • jonekajoneka member
    Anyone not married and OAD? I am 33 year old and divorced. Upon delivery I will be 34 and I feel guilty that I might meet my future spouse that is childless and I wont be able to give him a child. I always knew I only wanted one child, but I don't want to be selfish.....
  • DS is 20 months now, and we are pretty sure OAD. I'm still on the fence, but DH is a no. It has to do with our ages (I'll be 38 and he'll be 40 next year) and financial decisions. However, I also think I was only meant to have the patience for one child, so that is probably best. It's not bad, but 20 months later and I'm still struggling to balance everything.
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