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I get to go love on a brand new squish today! Mr. Handsome made his debut yesterday, and I can't wait to get my hands on him! :D

Not my squish. My friend's squish.


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Re: thursday

  • A friend of mine had her baby last night too! @CnAnA‌
    Logan Jack- 6.1.10 and Emmett Weston- 9.29.12 



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  • @mambonumber5 That's a lot of money! Good luck with your move!

    I'm home today. My school district was the only one in the state to cancel because of cold weather today. I think that's kind of weird, but whatever.
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  • @mambonumber5 good luck with your move home in March.  That is a nice savings I would move home too!!

    I totally cursed myself last night when I was talking to my mom.  I was telling her that even though bedtime is a struggle once Wesley is asleep he has been sleeping through the night.  Yeah last night he woke up 6 times from 10 pm to 4 am and then finally I just brought him to bed with me.  And he slept from 4 to 745 with no problem. 


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  • @mbm1983‌ , it was you with the friend with breast cancer and they had to take the baby early, yes? How are they doing? ( I had a patient yesterday who is in her 40s now, but had breast cancer at 29, and that got me wondering about it)
  • Early intervention came today to ask questions and go through paperwork. She wants E to get a developmental, speech, and OT evaluation through their program. She said she knows speech is full and he will go on a wait list, so it's good he's already going to speech through my pedi's referral. I'm just ready to get these evals done so we can start making progress.
    Logan Jack- 6.1.10 and Emmett Weston- 9.29.12 



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  • Went in to work for a few hours. Pretty much sat in a chair the entire time except to go to the bathroom. Just started bleeding again after it had stopped for over 24 hours. I am so frustrated. Back to planting my ass on the couch. UGH :((
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  • @rachelilly23, I'm just curious how much E is talking? My girls still don't talk much, and they certainly aren't putting sentences together. What is it that has them concerned? Wondering if I should start conversations, too!


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    @BabyCarryingVessel‌ The reason we decided to move forward with speech is that E has a pretty good vocabulary, he just refuses to use his words. He points, grunts, screams, and drags me over to things he wants- anything that will get him out of talking. He has a couple 2-word phrases (uh oh, all done), but we typically have to work really hard to get him to say anything. Our speech therapist thinks he has some sensory issues going on and maybe a developmental delay, so that's why she recommended Early Intervention to get him evaluated and make sure we aren't missing anything.

    I think he's just a stubborn stinker... But I know speech will only help! I think we're making small improvements at home since starting the end of December. If I know he wants something, I'll make him say what it is first. Before, he would sometimes say what it was, sometimes scream or throw some kind of fit. Now, pretty much 95% of the time he will tell me what something is if asked (as long as it is something he knows.)

    ETA: He doesn't really talk on his own initiative... Like at all. He only responds to questions. The only things he says without being prompted are "uh oh", "mama", "nana (banana)" and lots of babbles still. Although the other day he saw a food sign outside of Target with a bunch of fruit on it and started naming the different fruits. I was shocked.
    Logan Jack- 6.1.10 and Emmett Weston- 9.29.12 



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  • Somewhat related to hello fresh, I totally want Blue Apron, but looked into the cost and died a little. But I'm considering asking for it as a bday or Mother's Day gift.
  • @NeedUtonite‌ some of those sound really yummy. I never know what to cook anymore for dinner. Im going to go look.


  • I got some of the cartridges for my new cricut today so i am playing on it while wesley is watching frozen. He is so cute loving on his olaf stuffed animal.while watching.


  • @mbm1983‌ i love the name Oliver that was our back up name for wesley in case he didn't look like a wesley after he was born.


  • My nanny's boy is named Oliver and the girls call him Roriver. Close enough!


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    I was one who said I'd never call them anything other than their given names, but I'm always calling them "J" and "K" and the worst is "Ju" for Julie. Not sure why I do that, it just comes out that way!


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