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The Imitation Game

Has anyone else seen it?
Cumberbatch plays him in a way that seems spectrumish to me.

Which fits but I hadn't ever thought of it that way it's pretty interesting to watch on screen.
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Re: The Imitation Game

  • Could be I only know the basics of Turing's story what little I read indicated some social skill deficits BUT my reading on him specifically has been limited so that may be simply the sources.
    The movie was well done and it was fairly subtle so I maybe overreading into it too.
    Either way the movie was great and worth seeing!
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  • I did think they played up the spectrum features, ie. not being able to tolerate foods touching, repeatedly stating how he wished people would just say what they meant, great difficulties trying to infer meaning. From what we have been told though many highly gifted people have personality traits that can look like ASD. And there is no doubt the man was a genius.
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