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Charlotte Moms- Presby/Novant vs CMC for delivery

 FTM in Charlotte. Unsure of which system to use for my OB/ Delivery. Comparing delivery at Presby vs CMC Main which is better?
Have my 1st apt scheduled with Bradford clinic/ uses Presby for delivery, but Im only 6 weeks now so I could change to CMC if it is ranked higher/ a better choice? 


Re: Charlotte Moms- Presby/Novant vs CMC for delivery

  • I'm going to CMC main.  They are the only level IV NICU. Not that I need it but CMC system is ranked higher.  Where in CLT are you.  I go to Charlotte OBGYN and I love them been their for years and as a FTM they are really great.  They have offices all over the area so its really convenient as well.
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  • We are going to CMC NorthEast.  I know it's not the same exact hospital but so far that staff have all been very helpful.  And like @Schnitz9 said they do have offices everywhere.  

    We are getting induced next Wednesday!  
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  • Im in Plaza midwood. I think my location is part of  my "problem" there are so many offices that are convenient. :) 
  • I also go to Charlotte OBGYN and will be using CMC main. I love my dr office and that's where they deliver. It also helps that with my insurance CMC will be cheaper for me than Presby.
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  • I'd definitely choose Novant. While CMC is ranked higher, Novant is still a wonderful and well-equipped medical system. As a health professional myself who has worked for both CMC and Novant, I find Novant's patient care and "bedside manner" to be much more personal towards patients and their families. That's something I wouldn't trade for another business which is ranked a bit higher. In my experience (again, as both an employee and as a patient of both), CMC is much more about the business side of things than quality patient care. Also, my son ended up being born premature and Novant's NICU was more than prepared and qualified for treating him during his stay.
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  • We live in south charlotte and delivered at CMC Pineville.  Their maternity ward and staff were great! 
  • I live in Stanly County and I am delivering at CMC Main.  My doctor's office is great and I wanted to stick with them.  They only have privileges at CMC Main.  I'm a FTM and the fact that they have a great NICU makes me feel a lot better.  However, my sister and my friend have both delivered at Presby Matthews and they were very happy with the way they were treated.  

  • My SIL delivered at CMC main and Novant. FWIW I agree that Novant had a much smaller feel and from my perception was more personable and hands on. My nephew was born at CMC Main and needed the NICU. I didn't like that it was on another floor and a bit of a hike from her room at CMC. I am planning to deliver at CMC Pineville which I hope will be the best of both worlds. NICU in ward and smaller. I also didn't really like that Novant just let anyone walk into the ward, no stop or sign in or anything
  • I delivered at CMC Main and I loved it. I also use Charlotte OBGYN (Huntersville and Main). I use the midwives there and I love them, especially Lindsay Sodoma! GL!
  • Both main hospitals have level IV NICUs, not just CMC. I am with Novant Presby. I see that someone said they just let you walk right into the ward and it is the same way at CMC Main when I have recently visited someone that gave birth. No stop sign there either... just walked right intothe ward. Since location is not a factor for you, I think it might be more important to really like your OB and the practice (as it could be another OB in the practice who you have at delivery) and then go with the hospital they use... almost all practices are associated with just one of the systems and not both.

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  • OhashfoOhashfo member
    I will be delivering at Presbyterian. My OB is attached to that hospital and I've only heard great things about it!
  • CMC Main for me.  I've had a number of surgeries there (D & C's too :( ) but that is where most of the Dr.s in my practice go. The other issues is most CMC/Novant don't like you to interchange.  Like mostly I am with CMC but I've had to make a couple of trips to the ER over the years for various things and the Novant Dr;s get kind of annoyed bc they can't access all your records.  So now I just stick to CMC.  I'd go wherever your Dr.s are.  I go to Eastover OBGYN and have to over a decade and a million female problems.  Seriously - my patient chart has "volume 2" written on it. 
  • @FaithHopeMiracle I go to Eastover too, I really like them and have gone to them for years! I love Dr. Brown, she is amazing but everyone else I started seeing since my pregnancy has been pretty good too.
  • I love east over. The doctors and staff are amazing! They are there day or night and I have called a few times at 2 am and someone always got back to me within an hour or two.
  • I delivered both my babies at Novant Presby and will deliver baby #4 there as well. I loved my experience both times. My son had to be in the NICU for awhile and I loved all of the staff. The Novant in Matthews just renovated their whole birthing floor, which will be nice.
    Honestly though, I'm sure you can't go wrong with either choice. And like others have said, think about the Dr. that'll be delivering at the hospital. My obgyn is in the hospital, so obviously my Dr. is linked there.

  • Because of my location, and recommendations from others, we picked Cmc Pineville. And have heard great things about them.
  • I had a c section delivery at CMC Pineville in July and my boys were in the NICU for 12 days there. I cannot say enough good things about their staff, the care, even the food was good! We spent a LOT of time there, I was admitted for 4 days and we were at the hospital for 8 hours every day the boys were there and it was such a good experience. I hope you will be as happy with it as we were. The nurses took great care of me, the NICU staff taught us so much and was very happy with my surgery. Good luck!
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