Bday party etiquette question

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Would appreciate your honest opinions. DD turned 4 before Christmas. Now are having her party (friends from her preschool class and some family friends) at a gymnastics place Saturday from 2-3:30. I had originally intended to have the place serve pizza, juice then cake. Until the venue suggested just juice and cake, minus the pizza. I kinda feel like ALL parties should offer food.... But the more I think about it, the more I feel like it's a good idea to skip the pizza. It would give the kids a lot more time to play in the gym (totally fun with trampolines, ball pit, bounce house, tumbling area, etc).... Andplusalso, who needs pizza at 2:45pm? If it was at a meal time, I would def serve pizza.... But since it's the middle of the afternoon.... My question is, would it be rude/tacky to just cake cake and juice? Is food mandatory? Thnx!!
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Re: Bday party etiquette question

  • I agree with pp, you don't need pizza at that time. We had DS ' s party from 3-5 at a play place and only had cake and ice cream and we were fine.
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  • Cake and juice is fine for that time


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  • No pizza but all the ones we go to have cheese cubes ,crackers, and fruit. I don't think you need it but they all do it.
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  • Since the party is on between typical meal times, cake and drinks us just fine. My kids would not be able to wait that long for lunch but wouldn't need another full meal at that time. We only serve a meal if the party overlaps most of lunch or dinner time (like 11 to 1 or 4 to 7)
  • I think snacks and cake is fine. Please tell the parents so they know what to expect.

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  • Maybe it is were I live, but I would be a little surprised at just cake and juice...all that sugar. I would not expect a meal but it would be nice to offer veggies, cheese, water and maybe fruit. If it was me, I would get some party trays so there is an alternative to cake and juice.

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