DS born @ 27wks due to preeclampsia, pregnant with #2 and due 08/17/15 — The Bump

DS born @ 27wks due to preeclampsia, pregnant with #2 and due 08/17/15

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I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation. I have only gone in for one doctor visit so far and she has said that there is a very good chance of it happening again, it's just a matter of when it is going to happen. If any other preemie moms out there could share with me their experiences. I am mentally determined to carry as long as I can, but of course sometimes there are things that you just cant help.



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Re: DS born @ 27wks due to preeclampsia, pregnant with #2 and due 08/17/15

  • No experience, but I assume you're seeing an MFM this time, correct?
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  • MFM?

    As of right now I am seeing my normal OBGYN and then in about 2 weeks I have my first appointment with the perinatalogist. I will be about 10 weeks along at that point.

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  • I had a preemie at 30 weeks in 2012. I'm currently 27weeks along. Due 4/9.

    I started my 2 week appointments at 24w and I also see the mfm (maternal fetal medicine) doctor often. Saw them at 21w and I'll see them again at 28w and 30w.
  • Ok, so the MFM is the same as the perinatalogist. And much easier to spell, lol. They suggested that I may end up getting progesterone shots every week, or maybe even a weekly 24 hour urinalysis to check protein levels. (for the preeclampsia). I guess I will find out in about 2 weeks.  

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  • I'm on 17p injections. Started them at 16 weeks. I have a home health nurse come to my house every Thursday to administer them. They are thick. Mixed in caster oil. Given in the muscle in the butt. I've gotten use to them. The goal is 36w. Hoping they work.
  • Hmm. I may like having a nurse do it better, as my husband would take too much joy in being able to stab me on a weekly basis.

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  • Funny thing. I'm a nurse and I don't think I could give myself these injections. I can give injections just am a wimp to take them.

    These aren't that bad though. No real side effects that I've noticed.
  • Good to know since you'd said that they were thick. And I have issues with needles, even though I have to regularly get blood drawn for hypothyroid. But I was perfectly fine to give my horses shots when I had them. Any other time, can't look at needles without getting queezy.

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  • I've been lurking on here since last week and found this post. I have the same due date and was just diagnosed with pre-e last week. I was warned that I may have my lil girl at 32 weeks via c-section which is 3 weeks from now. I'm nervous beyond belief. Any advice to prepare me for what's to come?
    My OB has talked to me about hospitalizing me the last few weeks and having me stop work. I've actually been having terrible cramps for 3 days now, so I have a feeling that'll happen sooner than later. :(
  • Hi, I'm in the same boat with you. 

    Had my DS at 28w1day. Currently 15 weeks pregnant. Going to MFM in 2 weeks and figuring out a plan. Blood pressure has been great thus far, and hoping it stays that way, but really want to make it to full term and go home with my baby. 
  • My obgyn has assured me that pre e is not as likely in the second pregnancy after the first. Something about the placenta being used to the new typw of blood. Unless it's a different father from the first. Our plan is just to closely monitor.
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