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Rough 10 month-old?

Does anyone else have a older baby who plays too rough? Obviously he doesn't mean to hurt people, but my 10 month-old is really rough, he pinches, slaps and pulls hair, especially when he is excited. He's a big, strong baby, so he has left numerous bruises and one time a fat lip. When he does these things, we push his hands away and give him a firm "no!" and try to demonstrate the right way to touch people (and pets). I guess my questions are (1) does [or did] anyone else have this problem, and are there any other solutions? and (2) how long did it take for your baby to outgrow this behavior?


Re: Rough 10 month-old?

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    Ha! Same situation here!  My mom calls him BAM BAM!  I too try to teach him the right way to pet our cats, but he continues to grab.  So until he can fully understand, he's not allowed near them right now.  I think they're still trying to figure out how their body works, so you shouldn't expect them to have full control of how to touch things just yet.  Try distracting them...that always works!
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    This happened with my son as well.  One day we were in the car and I happened to be in the back seat next to him and he did his hard hit thing, and I just took his hand and rubbed it along the side of my arm, on my face softly and just kept repeating gentle to him.  Did this several times over the long car ride, and honestly after that he knew what gentle meant.  So now when we say gentle he knows how to use his hand the correct way without hitting.

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    Great tips @BubblesMartin! We also just yesterday ordered the book "Hands Are Not for Hitting" and I am looking forward to see if it is gonna work
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