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Valentine's Day

Does anyone do anything special with LO on Valentine's Day? Or does Grandma watch the baby while the parents have a romantic evening? I'm asking because my SO will be out of town for work and I want to do something nice with my DS. Any suggestions?
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Re: Valentine's Day

  • You could do a day "date"-- take him to breakfast, then go to an indoor play space.  My DD loves those bouncy house places.


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  • You could do a day "date"-- take him to breakfast, then go to an indoor play space.  My DD loves those bouncy house places.
    I love this idea.
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  • DD was a baby last year so we didn't do anything with her.  We might just have a fun family day this year because DH and I typically do our valentine's date the weekend before or after.
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  • DD has a build and grow at Lowes on V-day (what the heck kind of planning was this, Lowes?!?) so she'll do that with my husband.  We never ever go out that day, I think it's insanely busy, hectic and crowded and I think many places jack their prices up with some special menu that day.  We will probably order in (maybe pizza?) and the 3 of us just spend the night together. Maybe watch a movie or play board games?
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  • We don't do anything. DS gets cards from grandparents. I was thinking maybe this year, now that he's older, of doing some sort of "love" themed activity. That's about as far as my thinking has gone, though. :))
  • I make sure to do something special with DS. We've done this since his Dad passed in early Feb in 2011 and I just wanted to make it through the first holiday without him.

    Two years ago I made dinner with him at home. We made heart shaped gluten free pizzas and some gluten free dessert that he chose.

    Last year we went to Starbucks where he got a hot chocolate and I had coffee. Then we went to see a movie. He loves the special one on one time and I do too.

    I'm not sure what we will do this year. Still thinking of ideas.

    SO and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. We get cards for one another and that's it. We will use it as an excuse to go out to a nice dinner as a family sometime in Feb though.

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  • We haven't done anything yet. DS is 3.5.

    I'm curious to see whether his preschool does anything but I probably won't know until the February newsletter in a few weeks.

    DH basically works 9am-11pm on Saturdays (2 jobs) so there won't be any plans there. It's always a really minor thing for us anyway though. We'll take advantage of a special menu if it's something really appealing, but no cards or gifts or anything.
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  • Um, yeah...I'm gonna be at the movies seeing *cough* "shmifty shmades of shmey" with my best gal pals. 

    I know, lame! But I was told there would be champagne in a backpack and good pizza right before. 

    I'll do something nice for my husband on Sunday. Sometimes Mama just needs to do something for herself.
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