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Boon Grass bottle drying rack

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Anyone use the Boon grass bottle drying rack? I think it would look so cute sitting on the countertop, and it seems to have pretty decent reviews. But it does seem sort of small. What are the pro's and cons of using this one vs. one made specifically for your bottles of choice?

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  • I have this and like it but if I have a lot of bottles to wash I have to lay out a paper towel or towel next to it and put bottles on them. I think they make a large one as well. I have the smaller one.
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    No advice about the boom grass rack, but I use Dr. Brown's bottles and the Dr. Brown's drying rack and it's great. The bottles and pieces fit really well.

    Eta: it also holds a lot.
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  • Thanks. I was originally looking for a regular drying rack, but then I noticed that this one seems to be everywhere. Just wondering what all the hype was about.
  • It is a little small, but we found a double-size one at Target, so you might check it out and see if they have a bigger one.

    We bought the little tree branch for it too and it holds about 5 Avent bottles and nipples (the small one). We do dishes every day though...




  • Hi, lurker here but I have 2 of the Grass and I like them. 1 by itself is small, I would say it could hold maybe 4 of the 9oz bottles and parts. I also have the tree branch and would recommend getting one also. They. do make something called Lawn that's bigger. I would have preferred that but I got the 2 Grasses for gifts.
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  • I have the smaller one (for like 6 dollars more I wish I bought the bigger one) and I really like it.  I would definitely recommend it but would get the bigger one.  The smaller one doesn't hold too many bottles at a time so I have to dry some on paper towels.
  • I have the larger grass one. It's nice to have but I also lay out a towel because we use Dr. Brown bottles and have a lot of pieces! We have 8 bottles and I can fit all but the bottle collars on the grass. Hope that helps put it in perspective!
  • i don't personally use it because my friends all bought it for the looks but thought the functionality was a little bit lacking and that it was too small. having a vertical aspect and many "branches" is more helpful in a drying rack, or the ability to spin.

    we ended up getting the first years spinning one and it is great. search for it on amazon.
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