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Hi everyone!  I am just reaching out to see if anyone has advice or similar situation to mine.  I have a daughter who will be 2 March 1st and she was breastfed until 6 months and never had any reflux issues and has always just been easy going with whatever we did that was new (breastmilk to formula, solid foods, using a sippy cup, etc.), and so now I have my son who is 4 months today and it is a whole different story.  He was about 4 weeks early (she was just about 3) and had some issues at first but is doing well now health wise and growing very quickly, but I am kind of at a loss with trying to figure out if I should be doing anything differently.  I could only breastfeed for the first 2 months and went back to work and wasn't able to keep up with pumping so he went on to formula.  So basically, I feel a little clueless about what is typical for formula fed babies, in particular ones with reflux.  My worry is that he takes about 2 hours to finish a 4 oz bottle (and sometimes not even that and I have to waste the rest of the formula) and so I did reach out to my pediatrician and they suggested adding rice cereal to his bottle and I did that for a few days and the first day seemed great- he actually slept fairly well and then the next day it was almost like he wasn't very hungry all day long and the next day he seemed uncomfortable.  

So after that very long opening (I am sorry!), I am just curious for those who may have dealt with this, what formula works best for your child with reflux?  Did you ever add the rice cereal and how did that go?  He also sleeps terribly and I am guessing it may be because he basically snacks all day- every once in a while I get a 4 hour stretch but a lot of the time it is 2 maybe 3 hours.  I guess I am just hoping someone has some experience with 1.) Knowing how to determine what works best for your little one formula and/or possibly cereal rice wise and 2.) Ways to help him (and me!) sleep better.   We go next week for his 4 month check up, but just thought I would reach out on here as well.

Again, so sorry for the long rant, but would love any advice.  

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Re: Acid Reflux/Formula Help

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    I had some similar issues and am using Enfamil AR. It works great! Specifically designed for acid reflux and had rice thickened starch added to make it thicker. He used to spit up every feeding but since we switched to Enfamil AR, he has pretty much stopped spitting up altogether.

  • We are on neocate we had same issues you did and waited too long to see a gi specialist eventually the reflux affected his growth. What formula are you using try a sensitive one or Gerber gentle our issues were more severe and he can't have cows Mike formula but when we went from regular Similac to gerber we saw improvement but it didn't go away completely.
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  • Similac for Spit Up worked wonders for our LO!
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