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Crib Training- Yeah I'm Late to the Party

Question for you ladies... Is there anyone on the board who hasn't crib trained yet, or has just gotten their LO into the routine? We have had her in our bedroom since birth. We usually let her fall asleep in out bed and transfer her to a PnP in our bedroom. Our floor plan had LO's room and my room on opposite sides of the house, so we have been nervous putting her in her own room for the night. I usually try to put her into her crib during nap time, but she only goes in there after she falls asleep in my arms (I know I'm so screwed). Anyways, can anyone shed some light on ideas of transitioning her without CIO. TIA Ladies!
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Re: Crib Training- Yeah I'm Late to the Party

  • SurpriseAt39SurpriseAt39
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    Put her in the crib asleep.
    Let her play in the crib when it's not sleep time if she has problems being in it. I put LO in the crib while I put his laundry away or when I'm vacuuming.

    I always put LO to bed fully asleep. He will learn to get to sleep on his own when he's ready. Both my other kids did.

    ETA: I didn't get LO into the crib until 6-7 months old because DS1 was still sleeping in it. He was quick to like his new bed so we just switched LO suddenly. I had put him down for a morning nap in the crib a couple times, so he was familiar with it beforehand.

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  • My LO has been in her crib since day one, so I may not have the best advice, but definitely start with naps (LO slept nights in her crib but wouldn't nap in there till about 7 months).

    Does she fall asleep in your arms first because she won't go down in her crib, or because you haven't tried? If the latter, try putting her down for naps in her crib and see how it goes. It may not be for everyone, but I let LO sleep with a stuffed animal for naps and at night until we go to bed and then I take them out. I can watch her on the monitor and if she appears to have her face buried in them, I go check on her and move them. They seem to help her fall asleep.

    LO also likes the mobile cranked up, she'll watch it until she falls asleep. I also do everything I would at night so door closed, shades drawn, sound machine and projector on, ceiling fan on low.

    Good luck, hopefully others who have transitioned their LOs can offer some more advice
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  • We transitioned lo from the RNP in our room to her crib around 3.5 months. To prep her, I let her play in the crib. Then I had her do at least one nap a day in the crib.
    She transitioned perfectly fine and we had worried about it a lot! At that time, she usually was asleep when we put her in. Now she's awake and falls asleep on her own.
    I know 3.5 months is very different from 10 months but I hope some of this helps!
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  • linzerdlinzerd
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    I'm screwed too, don't worry! You aren't the only one! I nurse LO to sleep then put her in a RNP for the first stretch, then I used to nurse her for 10 mins and she would go in the swing til morning. Recently we just took down the swing and she's just been spending the rest of the night bed sharing with me. For naps I nurse her to sleep in my bed and she stays there. Lately she's been sleeping terribly. Right now I'm nursing her back to sleep for the third time after only sleeping an hour between each time. She went down at 7:30.
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  • We haven't made the transition yet either. Normally he falls asleep during his bed time nursing session and I put him down in the PnP then. That's my plan for how we'll put him to sleep in the crib too.

    @angelsnight What mobile do you use? Does anyone have a good suggestion for an age appropriate mobile? A friend of mine mentioned one she used that the kids can turn on and off themselves but I don't remember the brand or name.
  • We put Holland in the crib once she started STTN, around 3 months. I would nurse to sleep in my bed then move her and not hear from her until morning.

    Then teething, no longer accepting a binky, running out of milk, having a couple colds all happened and she's back to sleeping in our bed. Even though we're not nursing all night she still likes to be snuggled back to sleep.

    She was doing really well with only one 4-5 am wake up for a while, and now she's teething so hopefully after her next teeth come through we can get back to her sleeping longer stretches in her crib. I'm just giving her time. When she's ready she'll stay in the crib.
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  • as @linzerd I'm screwed.. Levi typically falls asleep with me after kicking, rolling, giggling, etc.! he went into the crib at about 4 months I think and slept wonderfully.. until his first tooth showed up and played hell with us all and back into my arms/bed he went.  I don't breastfeed and as I'm away during the day those precious moments of cuddle time where very important to me and I like to think to him as well.

    However; we are about to do as you and finally transition for real for all night into the crib. I have no additional tips but just know you aren't the only one that hasn't completed the ritual and just so you all know none of my other boys sleep with me so seriously this one is NBD... it does work itself out eventually.  I truly believe people make too big of a deal of it... meaning worrying about how others get their child to sleep.  

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  • I feel bad putting her down in the crib, PnP before she falls aslee, so she is usually in our bed or in our arms before falling asleep. I also need to work on putting her in  HER bed drowsy but not asleep. She goes to daycare for 4-5 hours a day, and the daycare teacher tells me she falls asleep on her own there.. I guess she just knows how to play me like a fiddle! 
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    3 IUI's and 1 IVF all BFN's, almost gave up hope
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  • My 18 mo old slept in his crib for a little while but I needed sleep and was too tired to deal with it. So into bed he went with me.....that was well over a year ago. Now tonight, he was trying to get comfortable and rolled out of bed, my bed is next to the wall, and he rolled over me and face planted on the floor. Now it's 3:51 am, and I'm looking for anything that will help him sleep in his crib, don't care about his own room, as he doesn't have one yet (living family) bit one is coming up shortly. So I'm pretty well feeling in dispair.
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