Sick kids means cleaning puke. What's your method?

I think I read something about baking powder or something, of course in the heat of the moment I grabbed kitchen towels and some resolve. I just figure someone might have a good trick or two they want to share.
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Re: Sick kids means cleaning puke. What's your method?

  • We luckily have not had to deal with puke too many times (yet!). For this recent puke event, we went with antibacterial/Lysol wipes and all purpose cleaner (with bleach in it).
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  • Ugh puke. Shudder. I can handle poop for the most part but puke not so much. Luckily DH can help in that situation but will not help with poop bc he can't handle that. We're such an awesome team lol. I guess just clean best you can given the situation. 

    I feel bad for all the sick kiddos. This time of year is the worst for it too. Honestly I do not possess any bleach. At. All. Bleach makes me so nervous. I'm weird  and have so many fears. Strong chemicals are one of them. Not saying I don't clean just don't possess any bleach. I need to buy lysol tho. I am ok with that and it kills germs and crap.

    @credcat7, I hope she feels better soon and that this was a hypothetical question.

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  • Make DH pick up any chunks using Clorox wipes. Then I clean with a solution of vinegar, dawn dishwashing soap, and water. I got the recipe online, I forget the exact ratios. Not even positive I have the ingredients right. I keep some made up and look it up again when out.
    Spray it in and rub in circles with lots of clean rags (change out frequently). If it's still wet, sprinkle on baking soda, then vacuum up after awhile.
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