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Ten Things Tuesday! I think today is Tuesday at least.... 

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Re: TTT!!

  • 1.  So many discussions on our board, good job ladies!!
    2.  I have my anatomy scan this morning.... yay! 
    3.  I already have to pee and the appointment is still not for an hour.  
    4.  I think that it's another girl.  My intuition is usually wrong though.
    5. We are going to San Francisco next weekend and I'm so excited to go shopping. The selection in the USA is so much better. :)  
    6.  We are leaving for 4 days and not bringing DD.  This makes me super sad, but also really excited.... we are going to dine in nice restaurants and stay out late!! (Like... 9-10 pm. Lol)  
    7. MIL is beyond excited to babysit overnight for the first time. 
    8. The post about talking was reassuring. I'm glad that there are other babies who still have very few words.  Apparently DH didn't talk until he was 2.5.  
    9. I started a mom and tot group yesterday. We have different activities each week. It's for kids 1-3 but most of them were closer to 3, so I'm a bit disappointed.  LO still seemed to enjoy herself though.
    10.  It is way, way too cold outside today.  If it weren't for appointments I'd stay home in PJs.  

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  • @sugarkissed‌ can't wait to hear what you're having! Enjoy seeing your peanut!

    1. LO had her 15 well child check up and had 2 vaccines. She's super snuggly this morning and I love the snuggles but I really dont like seeing her not feeling 100%.

    2. I'm still trying to kick this cold that I have had since NYE. Go away darn it!

    3. I plan on looking up all the local story times and writing them all down on our calendar in hopes that I get motivated and the confidence to bring LO when they are offered. I've brought her to only 1 so far and she just wanted to run around the room the whole time, which I know is normal but I was so embarassed.

    4. LO is laying on me and she keeps looking up at me and gives me kisses. It just melts my heart.

    5. I need to take down all our Christmas decorations but everything always seems so boring once the decorations are gone. Maybe I need to start decorating for all the holidays throughout the year.

    6. I told DH that I want to buy some new pajamas, ones that are like long johns, because I am getting sick of my pant legs coming up on the ones I already have when I get into bed. This is partially true but I really just want some new jammies. He told me to go buy some :smiley:

    7. My plan is to start the weaning off BFing process this week. DD only nurses before nap and bed so I will start with nap and hope that the bedtime one follows pretty quickly. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly.

    8. Relating to #7: I can't wait to have my body back, not have to wear nursing bras, be able to drink a coffee or alcohol whenever I want, and to be able to take cold medicine without having to consult a doctor first. Selfish I know but its time!

    9. We need to clean up our basement so bad. Lately, its just been a catch all since we've reorganzied a few rooms in the house. I just dont know where to start.

    10. I was so excited for the Bachelor last night but I missed quite a bit of it between getting LO down for bed and falling asleep with an hour left in the show.
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  • @sugarkissed so excited for you!!!

    1. I'm home sick today. My whole body aches and I have no energy. DH is going to a function tonight so I'm trying to prepare little by little for DD to come home from daycare. Getting her jammies/dinner/books/bath all sorted now so I'm not rushing this evening. Luckily my mum is coming over to help.

    2. I hate taking sick days from work. It doesn't matter how sick I am, I always feel like my job doesn't believe me when I call in.

    3. I have 2 older brothers. One of them ( the one I'm close with) is in the Phillipines and I haven't seen him since my wedding in 2011. I miss him so much. I'm also totally bummed that DD doesn't know her uncle.

    4. I'm 1000% positive that I'm one and done but my heart aches because of it.

    5. The Americas Cup (sailing) is coming to Bermuda in 2017. This is a huge huge huge deal and is hopefully the beginning of the islands economic recovery. When I moved back here in 2000, one could quit a job on Friday and have a new job on Monday. You could work as much or as little as you wanted and there was sooooo much opportunity. The recession and the previous government f'd it up and now things are pretty crap.

    6. The islands public school system is horrible so pretty much everyone who can make ends meet sends their child to private school. I have one picked out for DD but found out yesterday that the school received hundreds of calls to enroll children after the announcement of the Americas Cup. I'm worried we won't get in and I'm not wild about the other choices.

    7. I have a brain fart for a business idea and I'm really excited about it. I need to start researching and getting a plan together ASAP. I'm ready to so something totally wildly different and make some decent money. Now's the time to do it too before rents go through the roof.

    8. I need to figure out storage system for DD's toys In the living room. Right now the toys Line a wall and it looks so junky. I'm thinking of getting those storage cubes so that I can organize the little things. I have them in her room and it's works really well.

    9. As horrible as I feel, I still have to fight the urge to get up and clean/tidy/sort something. I swear DD has given me OCD. I've never been like this before.

    10. I look back on my life BC (before child) and all I can think of is how lazy I was. I'd come home from work and DH and I would barter on who is cooking dinner. Forget dishes. We would just lay like vegitables in front of the TV all evening and then complain about how tired we were in the morning.
  • 1. DH, both girls, my mom and both in laws have been hit with the stomach virus. How I have avoided it is beyond me since I've been cleaning up most of the throw up and diarrea diapers.

    2. Potty training DD1 is going well. We hit a snag when the stomach bug hit but we started back up again and so far she has gone 5x and had 1 accident. She will be 3 Feb 28th.

    3. My grandmom died yesterday. I was never close to her and I haven't spoken to her in 4 yrs. I do feel bad for my dad though. She would have been 88 on Thursday.

    4. DD2 is a clingy, cranky mess. I know she's not feeling good but I'm seriously losing my mind. Nothing makes her happy unless I'm walking around holding her.

    5. Starting back on WW tomorrow to lose the 7 lbs I gained since October.

    6. I can't wait to watch the Mentalist tomorrow. I'm obsessed!

    7. We just got invited to a 1st bday party at a yacht club. A little over the top maybe ?!?

    8. I have never seen Frozen and the girls got it for Christmas and I would love to be able to sit and wAtch it with them but they slways lose interest after 10-15 mins.

    9. It's snowing today!

    10. Gotta go take a shower

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  • 1. I am in the middle of making a bunch of tiny apple pies for DH.

    2. I'm making him watch romantic movies with me all night just because I'm in that kind of mood. So I figured it's the least I can do.

    3. I can never find good movies when I want to watch them. Soooooo I may come back later for ideas.

    4. DD started doing squats today trying to dance. I have no idea where she got that from. Lol.

    5. We decided to sell our car. And buy a new one. And I'm pretty excited.

    6. I feel like it just has bad vibes because we bought it from my dad.

    7. DD and I both stay in our pajamas for most of te day when we have no places to go.

    8. We never really have any places to go. So we are in pjs a lot.

    9. I'm really glad I bought DDs new books from a thrift store because she just beats them up so bad!!

    10. I reallyyyy wan hot cocoa!!
  • Thanks ladies!! Everything went well and we aren't positive, but this baby is PROBABLY another girl. :)  Oh boy, teen years will be rough!  

    My girls are 18 mo apart and they are super close! You are gonna love it! Congrats!!

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