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DD gets bored very easily. I try to limit Sesame Street and the other tv shows she likes. But sometimes that's all she wants to do. I'm a stay at home mom so I try to engage her in her Lego wagon, books, dolls etc. she pays attention for about 2 min then on to something else or points to the tv. What holds Ur LO attention or what do u play?

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  • We go out a lot. We will spend the morning at the aquarium and the afternoon at the park. Or go for a walk with her bike (handle for me to push). At there any indoor play places near you? Or a mums group you could join? At home dd loves her crayons. I have to watch her closely though otherwise everything is covered in crayon.
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  • My LO is very independent and usually content playing on her own for awhile. Her favorite activities are emptying all of the kitchen drawers, climbing everything and hiding things... Such as my car keys. Haha.

    I rarely have to entertain her, but for my own sanity we try to get out of the house as often as possible. It's super cold here so indoor activities only. We have just joined a mom and tot group. It's an hour each Monday and afterwards she has the best naps. We also go swimming and to indoor playgrounds quite a bit.

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  • Books, play kitchen, play tent/ tunnel but most of all DD1. I'm so lucky they have each other! It saves my sanity for a large part of the day. DD1 loved TV, DD2 has zero interest but to be honest I wish she did!

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  • DD isn't into tv at all. She plays with her toys for a few minutes at a time then it's on to something else. Nothing for very long. She also wants me to get her often so I'll pick her up and let her help me then tell her to go play with something else for a bit.
  • Sometimes I wish DD would take 10 minutes to look at the tv but she's not interested so I usually resort to reading books, pulling Tupperware out of the bin, she enjoys being chased around the house, I also try to let her help me while I fold laundry.. She likes to pull the clothes out and hand them to me to fold, that kills about 30 minutes. We rock on her rocking horse.. Sometimes I'll put her in her chair at the table and let her color or paint. Oh and card board boxes and recycling are a big hit, she loves throwing it all over the floor!

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  • Ok thanks! I've pulled out our Tupperware and plastic cups and so far she into it. I'm thinking of a. Ew mommy and me class. It's $200 right now and with another one on the way we are trying to cut corners. Great suggestions though, thanks!
  • Play doh and crayons are big hits right now. She also loves her play kitchen and pots/pans, and her babydoll (she loves pretend play). I also find that a change of scenery helps, so if she's bored in her play area downstairs we go to her playroom upstairs, when that gets old we go to her bedroom, then the kitchen table for puzzles, etc... It's too cold here now for walks/park, so sometimes we walk around the mall or target just to leave the house. She loves the car so sometimes I get a coffee and just drive around for a bit to break up the day.

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  • We bought DD a magnadoodle for coloring and she loves to draw on it

    Ouuuu yes! We have one of these too and DD loves it, she gets sooo proud when she doodles.
  • Love the sensory bottles and I spy bottles. Great suggestions!! I think I need to give her more sim
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  • More simple toys. Sorry I hit post whe I wasn't ready
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