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Soy and baby acne?

Hi all,

My baby is 4.5 months old and has been on formula exclusively for about a month and a half now. My oldest had some issues with dairy and DS2 showed some similar symptoms when I was breastfeeding (extreme gassiness namely though I stopped eating dairy) so when we decided to go to formula our pedi suggested we go with soy straight away. He continues to have uncomfortable gas daily and is on reflux meds as well. In the first weeks after birth he had some pretty bad baby acne but I attributed it to hormones. His acne continues, however. He has a lot of blackheads and also gets the red bumps with whiteheads in the center, pretty much overnight. Our pedi agreed this is unusual.

I'm really starting to wonder if this could be due to a soy intolerance. He has a red ring around his anus which I have red is indicative of an allergy and I'm sure it's not diaper rash but I also don't know if it's normal for babies to have that to some degree? He is gaining weight, which was a problem when I was EBF. My husband thinks I'm making an issue out of nothing but this is not normal. He's so beautiful and I just hate that his little face is covered with these blemishes.

We did try Nutramigen shortly after he was born and that was a short-lived effort because he would barely eat it and he had a horrible blowout with it.

I'm just wondering if I'm crazy for thinking this could be formula related?


Re: Soy and baby acne?

  • My doctor mentioned that my son's baby acne could be related to a milk and/or soy intolerance. His was spreading into his chest and arms, which is not a normal place for babies to get acne.
    We supplemented with nutramigen while I cut soy and milk out of my diet and at first he screamed bloody murder about it, but we stuck with it and he got used to it fairly quickly. We have switched back to breastfeeding now, but he would still take the formula if I wanted to give it to him since he's used to it now.
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