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I'm back!

And just like that, almost four months of leave is over.  I'm on day 2 of being back to work, and things are pretty much the same as I left them, which is a good thing.  I didn't spend too much time here during my leave, but just wanted to update on a few things.
-MBA is done!
-You may recall, we had a nanny who had been with us since E was 3 months.  She came to us in the summer with some health issues, and could really only work part time for a few weeks during my leave, and is unable to go back to full-time work.  So we had to find another nanny.  We found a great, younger girl who seems to be a really great fit.  We actually made the decision to put E in a full-time daycare.  He had been on the wait-list for months, and a spot just opened up over the holidays.  He started today.  So far so good.  C is such a calm, chill baby girl.  No real issues transitioning to our nanny who started full time over the holidays.

I'm excited to be back to work, trying for a director promotion this year, so it will be a busy 12 months.  They already want me to travel out to some west coast clients in a few weeks.  Have I mentioned how much I hate pumping and traveling?  Anyway, hope to have more time to participate more on this board now that we're getting back to our normal routine.
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Re: I'm back!

  • Yea!! Great news all around! Welcome back!
  • Sounds like things are going well, awesome!!

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  • this sounds great! 
    God Bless You my Little One
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    Farida, at 8 weeks
  • Welcome back girl and congratulations on both baby and MBA! You had one kick ass year!!!
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  • Welcome back!  Congrats on the baby and the MBA!  I feel you on the pumping and traveling, it is literally the worst!
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