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Teeth coming in, in weird order...

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My son is 10 months and when I noticed his top teeth coming in about 2 months ago, I was a little concerned because to me they seemed to be coming in VERY far apart. I mentioned it to my husband and he reassured me that those were his incisors and not his front 2 teeth. At his 9 month check up I mentioned it to his pediatrician and she stated teeth don't come in in any particular order. There is a "order that they usually come in, but can come in randomly). She suggested I take him to a pediatric dentist to have X-Rays done to make sure his top 2 middle teeth are in fact there. I am a little hesitant to take him to get those done since I really don't want to put him in an x ray machine and also probably have to hold him down.  

Should I just wait a couple more months and see if they come in? Or should I just be on the safe side and take him for x-rays? Has this happened to any of your little ones with the order of the teeth?

Re: Teeth coming in, in weird order...

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    You could just make an appt with a pediatric dentist and see what they say. I don't think they routinely do X-rays. I don't have any personal experience with it though.
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    I would honestly not worry about it.  My son got his 2 bottom teeth in first, then for his top teeth: he didn't get the front 2, but he got the side 2 first!  So he had some widdle fangs, and looked kind of like a vampire for awhile! Now he has one of the front teeth, but not the other.  He is 9 months old today. I was also surprised at the order they were coming in! Some of my nieces/nephews didn't have any teeth at all until they were over 1!   As far as getting x-rays done, I think that sounds kind of premature. I take x-rays for a living, and your child will be exposed to enough radiation in their lifetime without doing x-rays just to see if they have front teeth. If they were over a year and didn't have them yet, then maybe think about it... Good luck!
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    I have a friend whose baby had her incisors come in first. I think it's normal.
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    By age 1, you're supposed to take them to the dentist for their first appointment anyway. I don't think you have anything to worry about, but the reassurance would be nice. And you do still need to do the first dentist appointment. With my first, the dentist appointment was really a wealth of information. I'm well-educated, but I still learned a ton from our pediatric dentist, like the easiest way to brush DD's new little teeth and some tricks to help her through teething.
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    My LO seems to be getting her 2 upper fang teeth too. So bummed-- I always love the pics of babies when they get their 2 bottom teeth. 
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