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Air Force Maternity Uniform Sizes


Can anyone help me determine what ABU sizes in maternity I should be ordering.  I am not near a base and the size chart off the aafes exchange site doesn't seem right.  I have never worn the women's ABU pants because they fit like the blues (waist way too high for me).  However, this weekend I tried on a coworkers 12R pants and couldn't even get them over my thighs.  ZOINKS!  

These were my sizes before pregnancy:  
ABU Coat 4R 
ABU pants 29R

I am now 22 weeks pregnant and I'm wearing these sizes:  
ABU Coat 6R  (it's getting hard to button the bottom button.)  ;)
ABU Pants 36R (took a pair of my husbands and I think I'll be good for at least another month)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.  

Re: Air Force Maternity Uniform Sizes

  • I had this problem. First of all, if you order, order early. I usued the AAFEs website and it was awful to use. After not seeing any progress on their website (20 days and they were still "processing" my order) I called customer service, which made me call the Uniform Store in Lackland/Randolph. They were slow to ship since they were missing one of the sizes I ordered. I asked them to ship it without the pair and it arrived 3 days later. Overall, it ended up taking a month and a half and they had my size, good luck if they don't!

    I ordered one size up from regular ABUs and the next 3 sizes. When I got them, the top was huge. I decided to hold off for another month and then start wearing them. I'm at 4.5 months, I was trying to hold off until 5, but my top is getting too small. I'm not good with sizes. I wear the men's ABUs (so much more comfortable), so I went in and had to try on women's ABUs. It depends how big you'll get, which is hard to judge until you get closer to the date. I figured maternity ABUS look awful, so I went with a slightly larger size. Order a few and then you can return them at your uniform store.

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