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So today's my birthday. It sucked. All of my birthdays have sucked (not because of the age thing). This years suckyness was because DH was suppose to go to a meeting this morning for a couple of hours and be home by noon at the latest. He came home at 4, leaving me to spend the day with just DD. Normally I'm super happy spending the day with her but since I had 3 glasses of vino last night and slept like s**t, and DD had a crap nap (only an hour), Sorry for the self pity party.

What was your best birthday? What was your suckiest?

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    Happy Birthday! I'm sorry it was a sucky one so far, hopefully you have a good birthday night ;).

    I still reminence every year about my childhood birthdays (the sleepovers, ice skating, etc.) with friends, they were always such a blast, so I'd say those ones were the best! Suckiest is tied between my 21st when my best friend wouldn't even make the time to spend a few hours with me to grab my first (legal) drink and this last year's, just a couple weeks ago, since we didnt even celebrate because DH's grandmother's health was at an extremely rocky state.

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  • Sorry you had a crappy birthday, hope you have a happy birthnight!

    My childhood birthdays were always good because I come from a large family and have a birthday in August so we always had plenty of family over and good weather. Lately my birthdays have ask just been ok... nothing great but nothing too bad.
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  • Awww, I'm sorry that your birthday wasn't what you'd hoped for... But happy birthday!! Hope it got better. :)

    My best birthday was my 22nd, in Vegas with my 2 best friends. So much chaos and so much fun. My worst was working as a flight attendant and stuck on a 14 hour flight.

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sorry it sucked:( all of my birthdays have sucked. The last good one I remember, I was twelve. Lol.
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