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Which formula do you use?

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hello, I'm new to this forum. I'm starting to supplement more with formula so I'm trying to find a decent formula to use. We currently are using Similac Sensitive, Which I think tastes decent.
I just want to know what formulas you use. Honestly, I just am getting exhausted doing research only to find all these moms saying that all formula is evil. I want to focus on positive here. :)

Eta: Taste tested both powdered/RTF of Similac Sensitve... tasted basically the same.

Re: Which formula do you use?

  • Can you tell difference between RTF and powdered? (Taste/smell)
  • We use Gerber Gentle. It's one of the few formulas that doesn't have corn syrup listed as a first ingredient. But honestly all formulas are designed for a baby, it's just finding what your LO digests well.
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  • Powdered Enfamil Gentlease. LO hates the RTF Gentlease. The generic Target version made her poops harder. It just depends on which formula agrees with your LO.
  • Currently using Enfamil designed specifically for acid reflux. LO was spitting up with every FF with Enfamil Infant and Gerber Soothe. With Enfamil AR, no more spit ups!
  • If I just started to ff how long should I use the supplement formula?
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  • I started nursing and also using Similac supplement for the first 12 weeks. Now we are using baby's only organic for my 15 week old son. And also ordering Holle formula from Germany to try out.
  • It really doesn't matter - formula is formula. Pick one and see if it agrees with your baby.
    All formulas have to meet strict quality standards so really, it doesn't matter which one you choose. Don't lwt advertising guilt you into picking something super exitic for no reason.

    And certainly don't think that European formula somehow equals to powdered breast milk... BM is bm, formula is formula. US stuff is as good as European. My DD1 was born in Europe and for most of her 1st year drank European formula. When we moved back to the US we switched to Enfamil. There was no advantage from the European stuff or any disadvantage from the US stuff...
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    Also regarding the Supplementing kind, you can use it as long or as little as you wish. It's really just a marketing gimmick that somehow it's significantly different... It's not.
  • We use Hipp Organic Stage 2. It's also a German brand and our kids love it. They had tons of problems with some of the more common brands here (constipation, fussy, gassy, spitty) but they have been thriving on the Hipp. We did the math too and even with the shipping, it is cheaper than the name brand stuff but not as cheap as some of the store brands. We also use the Hipp baby rice cereal and Hipp chamomile tea. Love them. Only cruddy part is ordering it in bulk for the twins lol! I've heard Holle is good formula too, but I don't know where you can get it.
  • It really comes down to which formula sits well with your baby. We tried Similac advance, Enfamil infant and kirkland (Costco brand). All 3 gave baby girl bad gas pains and constipation. We tried the target brand (up n up) gentle. This has effected baby girl the exact same as when she took breast milk. You may need to try a couple to find the one that works best. I would gladly pay for a good brand formula, but the one that worked for our daughter was the generic target brand!
  • We use Similac Sensitive per the doctor that tended to her in the hospital. She has reflux and needed special formula.
  • Well, with the first due to reflux issues and allergies we had to use Neocate. I hope no one on here has ever had to use this or will have to use it. EXPENSIVE!!!! Cost us around $500 a month.
    With my second, we started on regular Simulcast and eventually went to Simulcast Sensitive. She did wonderfully on this!
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    Do you guys use ready to feed or powdered formula?
  • I use mobile and just realized my previous post auto corrected to Simulcast from Similac!!! What the ?!?!?!?!? Sorry.....
    We used the powder due to price.
  • When I started supplementing, I went with the brand the hospital uses. I started out with Similac Advance but it was too thick for my daughter. We switched to Similac Sensitive and she was good on that. We used the powder. The ready to use was very thick and I always had to water it down. 
  • I used Gerber for when my son was under a year old, and Target brand for the toddler formula because he took a while to decide that cow milk was okay to drink. I don't think there's a fundamental difference in the different types of formula, and we mostly used Gerber powder because some of the stores carried containers that were advertised as being 20% bigger than the regular containers plus I could usually find a $3-$5 off coupon. 
  • We use the powder form of Similac Advance gor the most part, but we also use RTF when we are on the go.
  • We've used Enfamil Newborn, initially because the hospital sent us home with it. Then, her ped. switched her to Similac Sensitive because she was gassy. We tried Costco's formula, too and liked it. But I decided I wanted to go the organic route because I don't want her to have pesticides and all the extra that comes with GMO products. Which brings us to our current usage of Honest's organic formula. When she sees her ped. in a couple of weeks, I'm going to make it a point to ask for suggestions on which is the safest.
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  • My son is mostly BF, but we've had to supplement some with formula. We were doing Similac Sensitive for a while but have since switched to Baby's Only Organic LactoRelief as it has better ingredients ( The price is pretty similar, too (I think we were paying $12 for Similac Sensitive 12 oz and are now paying $15 for Baby's Only 12 oz).
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  • We use Enfamil newborn, as that's what the hospital used.  With my first we had to use only rtf as she got really bad gas from powder.  With this one, we did only rtf at first, but now we are doing powder during the day and rtf overnight.

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    I use organic formulas only, I don't trust regular ones because our first son had an allergic reaction to one of them in the past. Now I only use the HIPP or the HOLLE formulas and I get them from here. They deliver everywhere for free in the US and Canada and they are pretty fast. Never had any allergy with these. Unfortunately I can't BF..

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  • We used Similac Pro Advanced with powder form, but also used the RTF stuff when we were out. We'd actually bring those small bottles with us to feed DS instead of hauling powder and a big bottle. We never had any issues with switching between the two.

    We tried Similac Total Comfort, but it was at the same time as his first cold, so it was hard to say if that changed anything or was better, so we continued to use Pro Advanced. We never tried other brands.
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    When doing the transition from breast feeding to formula we very soon found out that our baby boy was allergic to cow milk based formula so we tried out different goat milk formulas until we found the Holle goat milk formula the most suitable for our love on The most important thing to us was to find a formula that our baby boy could drink without getting any problems afterwards as well as to use organic formula. Another point is always the company's policy.

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