Has anyone done foster to adopt?

We are foster parents, working with our county and are up for re-licensing in February.  Our initial license was good for 2 years.  In those two years, we have had one placement which we recently adopted her.  I am looking for advice.  We haven't had another placement at all.  Do counties not place children for foster care in a home that recently adopted or is that a county by county decision?  I was hoping that we would be able to do another adoption soon without having to go to an adoption agency.

**I also understand that if children aren't in foster care, that they are with their family, which is what we want. **

Re: Has anyone done foster to adopt?

  • Have you asked anyone at your agency or CPS office these questions? I'm sure it varies state to state, county to county, etc.
  • I am in the process of FTA. With the agency I am with, they do not place another child in your home with less than a year from a life change event. For example, if I adopt one now, I will have to wait one year to be able to foster or adopt another child. As mentioned by post above, it would be a good idea to get some information with your agency to see what rules they have as it really does change a lot from one state/agency to another.
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  • oliv0026. I should ask my own licensing office what the rules are for future reference. 

    We are FTA and currently fostering, but these girls will most likely be reunited. We are licensed for four and used to get calls for two more placements but our resource worker said it has been slow, which I uess is a good thing. 
  • We do not have waiting limitations after you adopt in recieving placement of new children.  Does your worker know you are looking for new placements?  They may have incorrectly assumed that you are done.  Were you originally approved for mulitple placements? If you were only approved for one and now you have a child in the house, you may need to get your license modified to accomodate a new placement.  There are so many specifics that come into play that talking to your case worker would be the best place to turn.


  • Talk to your licensing worker and make sure you are on the open beds list. I've never heard about a wait period or anything like that. My state is in so much need for foster parents, I can't even imagine a "wait."
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