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I just learned about an organization called autism on the seas, that serves any special needs children and adults going on cruises (Disney, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, etc).
They provide smaller group activities, respite, etc.
Just an FYI.
Has anyone had experience with this? Thinking of doing this for our next Disney cruise, since we go with friends whose DS has autism.

Re: Special Needs Travel

  • No experience using them.

    However, it sounds like a wonderful idea. Anything that helps your LO adjust better during crazy travel would be wonderful.

    Have you taken your LO on a cruise yet? What issues does he/she face on the cruises?
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  • We have taken DS on a cruise. We went on Disney Dream last March. He was 4.
    He loved it, especially the princesses.He didn't really have any issues, but my friend's son, who is nonverbal and tends to wander, would benefit from this. DS is hard of hearing and has some attention issues. He can have a hard time in very noisy environments with lots of background noise. I really love the respite and activities components because the ratio is much smaller. Same with dining (smaller group in section of restaurant)
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  • Music, I understand you. I didn't let DS in water until he learned self-rescue.
  • thats great I think for older children.  
    Me personally while DS has learned so very much to come to us when called, the fear that he would slip out of my grasp and wander off on a boat and get over the edge has ruled out a cruise pretty much ever for our family until he is much older and I can be certain he wont do that.  However I dont think Id take a non ASD toddler on a cruise for the same reason.  Overprotective mom signing out...
    I have heard of this group too and mentioned it to DH and he said almost exactly what you did.  No way, nope, nuh uh - because he's terrified Chris would wander off and go over the edge.  I hadn't even thought of that until he said it.  So you've got an overprotective dad on your team too.  
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